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Wednesdays Are For Knitting: Man Socks 2014

Knitting man socks is a labor of love. One must cast on 72 stitches and one must knit and knit and knit. And then knit some more. A pair of man socks is an accomplishment. Wanna see my lastest accomplishment?

dale socks 2014 no 1 for carole knits

Socks for Dale.

dale socks 2014 no 2 for carole knits

I haven’t knit him a pair since his 60th birthday so clearly these are way overdue.

dale socks 2014 no 3 for carole knits

The yarn is Spritely Goods, the color is called Militia.

dale socks 2014 no 4 for carole knits

I photographed them on top of the OED because that thing is an accomplishment, too.

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  1. I suppose the upside of such a project is you have plenty of time to contemplate what should go OTN next. ;^) No doubt they will be worn and loved for both their comfort and the knowledge you made them for him.

  2. A great accomplishment indeed! My husband won’t wear ordinary handknit socks. He is hot natured and will only wear wool socks as slippers around the house, never in his shoes. So I knit him slipper-socks out of sportweight or worsted weight handspun, quick and easy. 40 stitches. 🙂

  3. “Militia” – perfect. (My husband would not wear socks that….gaudy.) Is that heavier-than-sock-weight yarn?

  4. Lucky Dale! I suspect they would not fly in this house, though he’ll be 60 soon maybe he’ll change his ways! 😉

  5. I think knitting any socks for anyone is a Labor of Love.

    I included a pair of Socks That Rock socks in my DD’s college Valentine’s Day care package…. still haven’t heard if she likes them. I guess I need to remind her (again) that saying ‘Thank You’ means that she may someday get another pair.

    Can I please make a request? Could you please consider making a tag of ‘books’ on the left pane of your blog, among your other tags which link to your posts that recommend books? Sometimes I’m in the mood to read a good book but I’m out of touch with what is good. I trust your recommendations for good reads but it would be nice to bring up your posts that include book titles.

    I’m about ready to spring the $8.95 for an iBook version of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s ‘The Long Winter’ — ‘cuz that is what we are experiencing up here in Minnesota.

    Maybe that could be a Ten on Tuesday subject: Books about winters.

    Thank you, Sue

  6. Congratulations on finishing the man socks! I’ve knit them. For a size 13 foot. Yea. It took forever. o.0 So…again…congratulations! 🙂
    And to the commenter just above me…tell Sue if she wants to read a book that has winter in it she should read “The Snow Child”. It’s set in Alaska. It’s not really about winter but has plenty of winter in it!

  7. such a good wife! that’s a great colorway. I’m sure Dale loves them (Marc only has one pair and I knit them in worsted weight)

  8. Oh, those are great man-socks! I have only knit one pair of man-socks myself . . . for Brian (who has size 13 feet). It was like my only project for months. (He recently told me he needs another pair because the heel wore out on those. I’m steeling myself for another pair.)

  9. As to your first sentence…ain’t it the truth! I’ve knit my share for my long footed husband who likes the socks to come way up his legs. He commented this week that he has so many pairs of wool socks. Not all knit by me, I’ll add. German knit shops usually have hand knit socks for sale so we usually bought a pair each time we saw a pair he liked. Lot of socks…:)

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