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In Which All Is Revealed

Writing yesterday’s blog post and then reading all of your comments was so much fun! A lot of you know me very well but I still managed to fool you on some things, too. Let’s run it down, shall we?

three loaves for carole knits

  1. I bake bread weekly. False. I used to bake bread regularly and I still do occasionally but weekly? Ummm, I work full time.
  2. Knitting is my current favorite crafty hobby. Before that it was quilting. And before that counted cross stitch. True. I’ve always had a crafty hobby and it has changed over the years. I’m pretty sure knitting is here to stay.
  3. I have been to Italy, England and France. False. The only foreign country I’ve been to is Mexico. (18 days, by the way.)
  4. I have gone deer and turkey hunting. True. Years ago, when I wanted to impress Dale, I guess, I went deer hunting on opening day. I sat in a tree stand, freezing my ass off, and saw nada. Truth be told, I don’t think I could have shot a deer even if I had seen one. Turkey hunting is more pleasant – it’s warmer, for one thing, and it’s only until Noon, for another. Still, these are not things I pursue.
  5. I am left handed. True. Just like my grandfather, in fact.
  6. I would rather have yellow cake than chocolate cake. True. I love chocolate but when it comes to cake, make my yellow.
  7. I don’t really talk about it on the blog but I went to a private high school. False. This is the one that many of you fell for. No silver spoon in my mouth, though, I went to public high school and the only reason I go to go to that fancy ass college is because I was smart and my parents were poor.
  8. If I wasn’t a librarian I would be a lawyer. False. If I wasn’t a librarian I would be a social worker. I’d still be overworked and underpaid so maybe I should have gone with being a lawyer.
  9. I cried when I watched this week’s episode of The Good Wife. True. It was brutal. Bru-tal.
  10. I’m thinking of giving up blogging. False. This is the only one that you all got right!

And now you all know me a little bit better, whether you wanted to or not.


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  1. It’s fun to get to know more about you. We have a lot in common but I didn’t guess very well. I only got #2 for sure! Thanks for sharing yourself.

  2. I knew you’d been hunting! I’m a leftie too (Doug, Dan and I all are). And I watched the Good Wife last night ;-( Looks like some good stuff ahead though! Great fun this week Carole!

  3. I was going to comment that every item was true except the last one. I’d have been wrong.

    I would love to know what your favorite bread recipe is….

    I used to try out bread recipes from this old cookbook The Complete Book of Bread Making until one day I was rushed for time and thawed/baked a loaf of Rhodes Frozen Bread dough. My then-husband tasted it and told me so far this was the best bread I had made. That was the end of my foray into homemade bread-making..

  4. That was such fun and a great way to get to know you better. Should have guessed that weekly bread wasn’t happening with your busy schedule 🙂

  5. I got teary-eyed over this week’s Good Wife but it wasn’t as brutal as the week before. I literally couldn’t sleep after that episode! And I din’t know how I missed that you are a fellow lefty. Yay lefties!

  6. love it! I am surprised by a few … and also surprised how many others were along with me. not that it matters, but I think you’d make an awesome lawyer!

  7. This was really, truly f-u-n! I’m not an every week break baker either. I used to be, but the pace of life currently doesn’t allow it. I want to, though. 🙂 How will you follow up this week’s list? Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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