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Weekending, Now with Grinning

Things that made me grin this weekend:

sushi for carole knits

  • Dinner with my favorite cousins on Friday night. I know I go on and on about how blessed I am to have Len and Peg in my life but I can’t help it. They make me happy.
  • Saturday morning Spin Class. It’s a great way to wake up and start the day.
  • Sushi and Mai Tais with my grrlfriends Jo-Ann and Anne on Saturday night, followed by wine and lots of grrl talk in my living room afterwards.
  • Finishing Pack Up the Moon while snuggled under a quilt on my couch on Sunday morning.
  • An outside(!!!!) run on Sunday afternoon.
  • Seeing the number on the scale go down by 2 lbs. I know it’s just a number but it sure feels good when it moves in the right direction.
  • Time with Dale on Sunday afternoon and evening. He was busy with the band and some Civil War stuff this weekend so it felt especially good to take a drive to Plymouth and then come home and snuggle with him at the end of the day.

What made you grin this weekend?

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  1. I had a grinning weekend myself! Some grins I shared with you (Saturday morning spinning and a Sunday run outside). I also had a movie grin (The Grand Budapest Hotel), dog grins (they always make me laugh), and an end-of-the-season celebration (hurray!).

  2. My Saturday morning started with a fun pilates class and I did it again on Sunday, but it was a lot harder (and more fun)! I had sushi with Shelley (we miss you) and dinner last night with Smith. It was a great weekend!

  3. Seeing my sweet little grandson made my Sunday nearly perfect and my grin I share with you is being down 2 pounds too. 🙂

  4. Sounds wonderful! My grin included a visit with my college roommate and a little live music and a nice afternoon walk with Doug. Happy Monday Carole!

  5. My son and his wife chose to spend their first anniversary with us in a getaway to Lake Tahoe! We are so blessed that we all enjoy being together. They will have a special getaway to Mexico by themselves later this month. About Pack Up The Moon–Rachael did a fantastic job with this book. Could not put it down! I hope it becomes a movie. I have met her a couple of times and read all her books and love them all, but this one was different. Loved her memoir also.

  6. If you can believe it – cleaning made me grin. It felt good to dig through some things and get organized. That’s so wonderful that you have reconnected with your cousins. It’s a special bond.

  7. My grins included sushi with you :D, getting my girls’ clothes organized (now everything fits and is put away neatly), getting K’s things packed and ready for her first week away at camp, and doing my personal trainer workout routine at home 😀

  8. The girl time sounds so nice. My frinds are scattered for the moment–can’t wait to regroup! Congratulations on the minus two!

  9. I’m so glad it’s getting warm enough to actually WANT to be outside. The wind still has a bite though. That is awesome that you reconnected with your cousins.

  10. So happy that there’s finally some milder weather! I may have seen the word “snow” in a forecast, but I’m choosing to grin and ignore it! Sounds like a great weekend, Carole!

  11. aw – what a great weekend for grinning! I didn’t get around to posting about mine, but it had a few grin-worthy moments – a great workshop at the shop with Shibui Mixes (which included a bit of yarn buying), a long walk with Katie, watching UConn and Kentucky upset the favorites, giving a first bible at a baptism and a good knitting class on Sunday afternoon.

  12. Sounds perfect. I got to knit, and go skiing with my baby girl (she’s almost 3) and watch my big girl rock a 50’s vintage dress that belonged to an old friend of my mom’s.

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