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A Miserable Day

bed with quilt and pillows for carole knits

Yesterday was a lost day. Lost due to a stomach bug that had me caught in it’s clutches for the entire day.

I moved from various spots in an attempt to get comfortable but it just didn’t happen.

The couch. The bed. The couch again.

Dale kept suggesting I sit up but when I sat up I was dizzy.

So I moaned. A lot. Dale said moaning was useless but I disagree. It helped.

What really helped, though, was 10 hours straight sleep. I feel like myself again today – hooray.

I could ill afford to miss a day of work this week since I’m on vacation next week but it will all get done some how.

And I’m extremely grateful that this didn’t hit me while traveling.

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  1. Bleah! Being sick is icky. Glad you’re feeling better, and things will work out. Much better to be sick at home than away, if one MUST be sick.

  2. It’s great when these things are short-lived. Yesterday’s weather matched your bug. And now you have a lovely vacation to look forward to Hurrah! Love your quilting, BTW.

  3. So glad you’re better, and all day yesterday I was thinking, ‘better this week than next!’

  4. Sorry to hear that you were ill. I had something similar on Monday and was so glad to be home alone because moaning did make me feel better too! I felt ridiculous but at that point was willing to do anything that made even a small difference.

  5. Did you get to watch the TV in your bedroom? Personally, I wallowed in front of the TV all day watching the Marathon Memorial – and discovered (in the photos) a Boston Skyline/Boston Strong knitted hat that I thought I had invented, but it turns out someone else invented it a year ago! You can see it on Ravelry.

  6. No getting sick while traveling–especially on the plane! Ten hours of sleep is the one bright spot of a day like yours–glad you’re better!

  7. I agree. Moaning helps. Not great for the other person in the room but very helpful to the person doing the moaning! 😉
    Glad you are feeling better.

  8. I also agree moaning helps. Especially while lying on the bathroom floor between waves. (With a towel of course!) Glad you’re feeling better!

  9. Glad your better today! Stomach bugs are my deepest fear illness wise. Short but intense. Yes, and worthy of moaning!

  10. I was thinking the same thing – thank goodness you got it this week instead of next! It’s a nasty bug too – my mom ended up in the hospital with it for a while. Glad you are feeling better. Sleep is sometimes the only cure.

  11. My cousin’s family lives in Carver and his wife posted on Facebook a few days ago that a stomach bug had hit their house. You can blame it on work!

  12. I hope you really are back to 100% for next week. And I love your bed – so pretty! did you make that quilt?

  13. Yikes! IMHO, nothing NOTHING is worse than a stomach bug. Glad you are on the mend, especially with your upcoming vacation happening!

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