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This weekend was . . .

A full Friday. Errands, food shopping, exercising, catching up on Grey’s Anatomy.

new deck furniture for carole knits

Assembling our new deck furniture just in time to enjoy a glass of wine outside before a delicious dinner of lemon rosemary roast chicken, garlic smashed potatoes and oven-roasted local asparagus.

A relaxing Saturday. Shopping for accessories for the deck, reading for a bit while lounging on that very comfortable new furniture.

And spending the late afternoon and early evening at a cook out – the first of the season. It was hosted by my first husband and his girlfriend and we all had a great time. Our divorce is much more successful than our marriage was and – here’s the important part – all of us (and by us I mean Dale & Rick and I) being friends is the best thing ever for Hannah.

Mother’s Day started with an early morning run and then coffee and berries on the deck. Prepping potato salad for the afternoon. Phone calls, texts and visits from the kids.

A quick drive to Cape Cod to spend the rest of the day with Tom and Anne at their campsite. Wine. Stories. Laughing. Catching up. A delicious dinner of salmon, potato salad and asparagus.

And then home for a snuggle under a quilt on that new furniture. That might have been the best part of the whole day.

It was a good weekend.

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  1. Sounds like a delightful weekend, and that new deck furniture is amazing! Can’t wait to try it out!

  2. Wonderful weekend! And you are right about having a successful divorce. My parents had one too, and it was the best gift they ever gave my brother and I. (In a bizarro twist, they remarried 32 years after they divorced. It was the remarriage that I struggled to adjust to. Just. Plain. Weird. But they had 10 happy years together before my mom passed away)

  3. Beautiful furniture! It looks lovely on the deck. As a child of parents who had a “successful” divorce, I can say that it is wonderful. I loved spending Mothers Day with both my Mom and my Stepmom at the same time yesterday. What a wonderful thing for Hannah.

  4. The deck furniture is awesome–what a great party place! We were out sledding over the weekend–more springtime in the Rockies!

  5. I am always so happy to hear about a successful divorce. I was a child of an unsuccessful one — so much hatred spewed over so many years. Blech.

    I *LOVE* your patio — it looks so comfy & inviting!!

  6. Such gorgeous deck furniture! Where did you find it? Belated Happy Mother’s Day-sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!

  7. Love the new deck furniture! Looks like it is straight out of a magazine. I long to hang on your deck with a cold one in my hand and family by my side. Sigh.

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