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DIY TV Cover Up

We have a flat screen TV on the wall in our bedroom. However, we hardly ever watch TV in the bedroom. Now, if this were up to me this TV would get regular use as I truly enjoying snuggling in bed and watching TV. Dale, though? Not so much. He’s a couch sitter when it comes to watching TV. And so, the TV in the bedroom only gets used on rare occasions. Late night football games. The Academy Awards. When one of us is sick.

In the interest of making our bedroom prettier, I decided to cover up that rarely used TV with a canvas print of one of my photos from summer vacation.

tv solution for carole knits


This print is just the right size for the TV and the wooden bar at the top catches perfectly on the TV. Sure, you can see a tiny strip of the TV below the print but mostly – it’s gone. And I’d much rather look at that picture of a beach umbrella than a black TV screen.

Pretty clever, eh?

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  1. Nice! (And I would never have seen the strip of tv at the bottom if you hadn’t mentioned it!) What a happy shot! Bet it makes you smile every time you look at it.

  2. To echo all the above (they got up earlier than I did, I guess!) “what a great idea!”

  3. Way clever! We no longer have a bedroom TV–all the sleep police say a bedroom tv is not a great idea–not sure if I care haha!

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