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Growing Herbs

Last week I mentioned to Vicki that I was going to plant a container garden full of herbs. She asked me if I had a plan and here is what I told her:

My plan? I bought a ceramic pot at Ocean State Job Lot and I bought a few herbs at the garden store. Next I will plant them in the pot. That’s my “plan” LOL.

Here are photos of my plan, now come to fruition:

The pot is on my deck, in full sun. The container was reasonably priced ($14) compared to some that I saw.

There’s rosemary.

And oregano.

There’s lots of basil and plenty of parsley.Ā I probably put too many plants in there but I wanted it to be full and I’m going to be harvesting herbs on a regular basis so I’m hoping it won’t be too crowded.

It smells so good and it looks beautiful and I’m rather pleased with the way “my plan” turned out.

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  1. oregano and thyme will both overwinter nicely too so you’ll have a headstart on next year. The right variety of rosemary is supposed to overwinter but I’ve had no luck so I brought mine in for the winter this year.

  2. Here in Louisiana the small pot of rosemary I was given as a gift was transplanted to my front shrub landscaping plot, It’s now two years later, and the rosemary is 2 – 3 feet tall, and about 3 feet in diameter. Love it!

  3. We have some herbs growing in the back yard, but they are in rather ugly plastic pots. They may taste the same come cooking time but your pot is so lovely it makes me a little sad we didn’t invest more in the aesthetics for the growing period.

  4. Great job Carole. I plant and pair my herbs separately with annuals in several pots on my front stoop. I especially like bright green large leafed basil and deep garnet colored coleus (from the Wizard series) with chartreuse edges. The basil grows really well and the colors really pop.

  5. Oooh, I love it! I’ve never had any luck with growing herbs, but seeing your ‘plan’ makes me want to try again. I have a couple of big pots on the back deck … maybe if I stuff ’em full of herbs it’ll work!

  6. If the herbs are unhappy with the way their planted they’ll let you know. Herbs are pretty easy to get along with and the more you pick them the happier you’ll all be. Bon Appetit!

  7. I covet your full sun!! I can’t grow much successfully because I have none of that…your herb pot looks terrific!

  8. Nice! Nothing like organic herbs for the salad and to spice up summer meals. That is the best use of summer ever.

  9. What a beautiful collection. I really like the effect. I have many pots of herbs as well. I have tons of basil that I harvest fairly regularly for pesto. I freeze it to use during the busy school year. We’re also big sage fans. I love a productive yet decorative garden!

  10. I love it when a plan comes together. My hubby planted some basil in the garden, but I like having my herbs on my back deck where I can go and snip as I need it. Job Lot is our favorite garden supply store.

  11. Lovely! I put mine in a raised bed but am strongly considering ripping and potting. They look beautiful – enjoy!

  12. good plan, beautiful results. Even a crowded pot can yield plenty of earthy goodness and great taste! Enjoy!

  13. I love growing herbs, I have a window box on the deck railing that I grow chives, basil, parsley and dill, It is close to the kitchen so it makes it easy to go out and cut fresh herbs when I am cooking,

  14. I planted leaf lettuce in two large, square containers on my deck, and they are thriving. I don’t know what kinds of lettuce are in there—I just bought a package of seed that was labeled as some kind of summer mix that likes full sun. I’m planning to harvest enough for a little salad over the weekend. (!) My dad, trying to be funny, loves to ask me if I am going to rent a space at the local farmers’ market after I harvest my “crop”. I’m thinking that’s not going to happen soon, since each container is about 18″ square.

  15. Your herb pot is lovely. My entire vegetable garden this year is in a 1’X2′ planter and consists of onions, spinach and arugula. But now I’m thinking of a herb planter too!

  16. The best edible garden is an herb garden. Such a pleasure to have your favorite herbs at your fingertips when you’re cooking. My personal faves are tarragon and chives, but I love them all.

    Your pot is off to a great start!

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