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DIY Graduation Gifts

It’s graduation season and we had two parties to go to last weekend. The minute I saw this great idea on TheLetter4 I knew I had to make these adorable soda graduation caps to bring to these kids.

This was so fast and simple! I cut out card stock squares – I found 2.5 inches worked best – and a length of gold embroidery floss. I tied a knot in the floss and then glued it to the card stock with a glue gun and then I glued the mini mortar board to the bottle cap. I used black card stock for the soda with black bottle caps and white card stock for the soda with white bottle caps. I could only find Jones Soda for sale as singles so I used a galvanized bucket for the boy’s party and a plastic pail for the girl’s party. I put a card with some money in each one and I think they made a really cute gift.

The other thing I did was make more of those graduation candy caps. I’ve made these before and blogged about them but they are so adorable that I have to show them again anyway.

They are definitely time consuming – and even a little expensive – but they are so cute and so worth the effort. My friend was pleased that I made these for her daughter and everyone admired them on the table and told me how clever I was. That’s something I always love to hear!

And now you can all go be clever, too. DIY Graduation gifts are a very good thing.

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  1. For the first time in many years I don’t know many graduates. Your gifts are very charming and appropriate! Good job.

  2. I made 40 of the candy graduation caps for my nephew’s birthday and then held my breath hoping they would not be deemed ‘dorky’. That big strapping football player, and his friends of both genders thought they were very clever and every kid took one! The real chore was keeping the styrofoam centerpiece and caps intact on a 75 minute car ride into the sun. Thank heavens for a/c.

  3. I love the grad caps on the soda bottles, what a clever idea 🙂 I’m definitely storing that idea away in the ‘for future reference’ area of my brain haha!

  4. Thank you – I have 3 graduation parties to go to this month. Great idea! I think I will save the graduation pops for Nicole’s graduation next year. They are so darn cute!

  5. Fantastic! I wish I had thought to be so clever. Because we’re heading to Disneyland (today!), we did not have time (or $) to give Halle a party. I’m hoping she sees this trip as a party. I’m definitely consulting you in 4 years when we celebrate the college experience.

  6. the soda bottle caps are such a clever way to jazz up a gift card or cash gift. The chocolate caps are great–you could use them inso many ways. How do you findthetine for all of this?

  7. These are great…when my son graduates, I’m going to do the Jones Soda idea…it will be perfect for a kid with the last name of Jones. He will love it.

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