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Favorite Things About Mexico 2014: Part The First

Thank you to all who participated in yesterday’s Ten on Tuesday topic. All of your posts really helped to remind me of all the good things about coming home. And now that I’ve focused on that I think I can talk about all of the awesome things about our trip without bawling. Mostly. I decided to do a Top Ten list of my favorite things about our trip this year. It’s a long one so I divided it into two posts – here are the first five things I loved about this year’s trip.

tulum ruins beach for carole knits

  • The scenery. Palm trees, blue skies and aqua water, white sand – it’s absolutely gorgeous. Sitting under a palm tree on the beach, reading, looking up at the filtered sun through those palm fronds. Walking the beach every day, admiring the different hotels and palapas, seeing the pelicans and frigate birds fly overhead.
  • The sounds. The crashing of the waves and the dull roar of the constant breezes. The birds, waking me in the morning. The chatter of the Mayans in Spanish.
  • The food. I tried mahi mahi and loved it. We also ate our share of fresh ceviche and I had short ribs that were fantastic. The pico de gallo is wonderful and fresh, the limes are plentiful and so is the cilantro. I had fish tacos more than once and tuna nachos that were the most delicious nachos I’ve ever had. And the fresh fruit – sliced papaya and pineapple and watermelon – every morning
  • The weather. Warm breezes and sunshine. Every day. Occasional puffy clouds, just enough to break up all that blue. I wasn’t cold for the entire time and that was such a gift after the winter (and spring!) around here.
  • The music. We went to see a fabulous 4 member band one night, a folk singer another night, and a Mariachi band, too. We could hear piano music from the restaurant next door while we sat on our patio.  I loved them all, even the songs on the radio. I think music is one of the best ways to immerse yourself in the local culture and we definitely did that.

That’s all for today – come back tomorrow for the rest of the story.

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  1. Where can I sign up–what a wonderful getaway–and perfect timing–just when another cold day is enough to push you over the edge. Yesterday, I was trying to think of something that you didn’t include in your list, then got busy and never commented. Reentry is challenging–wouldn’t it be nice to go to the beach for the weekend occasionally? And, you are right–two of the best parts of reentry are the pets and having your yarn and books close by! Thanks for sharing the good times!

  2. I relaxed as I read your post – I felt like I was right there with you. I love to sample food from different places when I travel. That blue water is just so beautiful among the white sands. I’m looking forward to hearing about the rest of it!

  3. A beach vacation…perfect after the winter we’ve had this year! And you made me feel those breezes and warm sunshine and I could almost hear the music. 🙂

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