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Favorite Things About Mexico: Part the Second

Back for more about Mexico, are you? Let’s get on with it, then. Here are the remaining 5 things I loved most about this year’s trip.

yal_ku lagoon for carole knits

  • The snorkeling. Like last year we visited Yal-Ku lagoon in Akumal. I was a little more confident in my snorkeling abilities and we snorkeled for a longer time than before. And we got there early so it was much less crowded. We saw loads of fish and really enjoyed the time there. We had lunch at the little cafe (a truly awesome veggie burrito for me and a hamburger for Dale that came loaded with cheese, bacon, and a slice of ham [weird, right]) and wandered around through the gardens, too. After we left we both realized that we should have stayed even longer and gotten back in the water and maybe even rented one of the private thatched roof huts, too. Things to remember for next time!
  • The hammock. We ended every evening swinging together in that hammock, me sipping tequila and Dale a cerveza. It was the perfect time to reminisce about the day, talk about what we wanted to do the next day, and just be together listening to the waves.

tulum ruins for carole knits

  • The ruins. Last year we visited the ruins at Coba and they were massive. And overwhelming. This year we stuck close to home and literally drove up the road 10 minutes to the ruins of Tulum. They overlook the beach and they are gorgeous. Everything is out in the open so you can really see the layout of the city as it was and we really enjoyed that. There is a gorgeous beach there and at the end of your tour you can walk down a really large flight of stairs and swim. I would definitely enjoy visiting these ruins again.
  • The prices. While we found that prices had increased since last year we still find this a remarkably cheap place to visit. Air fare is expensive for us because it’s school vacation week but the hotel is reasonable and the food and drink prices are fairly low. As in, we could go out for a really nice dinner at a restaurant right on the beach with wine for me and beer for Dale and it was the equivalent of $60 USD with the tip. Souvenirs are also pretty reasonable and some things were even cheaper at the airport – which is unheard of here in the US. We’re not so good at haggling but we tried.

tulum beach 2014 for carole knits

  • The beach. I saved this for last because it’s my favorite thing of all. I love the beach at home but the beach in Tulum is a gazillion times better. There are palm trees that provide wonderful shade. The sand is incredibly soft and white. The ocean is blue and turquoise and green and it’s warm and wonderful. There is bar service (!!) and food service and you can also purchase trinkets and cigars and fruit from the locals who walk the beach all day selling their wares. Women can go topless and no one stares or makes you feel uncomfortable, it’s just accepted. I read and I knit and I gazed at the ocean. I napped and I chatted with Dale and I drank cerveza and margaritas and ate quesadillas and I never ever got tired of it. It was steps from our room and it was amazing and perfect and probably my favorite place in the whole world.

And there you have it. I hope you enjoyed reading (and seeing!) my favorite things from this year’s trip.

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  1. I haven’t been to the ruins at Coba, but I’ve been to several others in Mexico, and the ones at Tulum were my favorite. Seeing the ruins against the ocean was spectacular. Glad to hear you had a wonderful time.

  2. Wow!!! I may have to check this out for next years vacation. It sounds like heaven. The thought of having that beach steps from your room is wonderful. I love that the palm trees are all around to provide shade. I’m sure your’re already counting down until next years trip.

  3. We’re traveling next year too. Will have to take a look around Mexico for sure. Thanks for the visit Carole!

  4. Your vacation was beautiful, restful, exciting, and relaxing. No wonder you wanted to go back immediately! Thank you for sharing your delight. I’m with Claudia…more beach pictures!

  5. One of my most favorite vacations ever was the week Tom and I spent in Akumal . . .back in 1987! It looks much the same — such a peaceful and quiet and not-so-touristy place. (I’ll have to show you my old photos and you’ll be amazed at how little has changed there in 25+ years!)

    And I’m with Margene and Claudia: MORE pictures!

  6. Lovely!! I never was a beach person… until I visited a tropical beach in January! πŸ™‚

    Love the ruins. I’m looking forward to exploring some of that in Scotland. (Counting days!)

  7. Warm water to swim in at the beach? Amazing!!! (Uh – don’t read this week’s New Yorker if you want to go back to Mexico…..)

  8. I could go for some time on a lounge chair on a beach but seeing your pictures is as close as I’ll get for now. It just looks so relaxing. Wonderful!

  9. I did enjoy seeing and reading…thank you! It sounds like an amazing week and I’m so glad you enjoyed all of it!

  10. It sounds like an amazing place and I can tell that you both fully enjoyed the experience. I really hope Ken and I can travel with you next year…time will tell. πŸ™‚

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