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Mexico Vacation 2014: The Final Chapter

Can I stretch out my vacation into yet another blog post? I sure hope so because I have a few more things to say and a lot more photos to show you. I think another bullet post is in order.

  • I loved that I didn’t use a hair dryer once while we were there. Those of you who know me in real life know that this is sort of a big deal for me. I always always always blow dry my hair. In Mexico, though, I washed it and finger combed it with a little product and then sat on our patio and let the ocean breezes dry it. When it was almost dry I scrunched it up with some Paul Mitchell Curls and I used a clip to pull back my bangs – which aren’t really bangs anymore since I’ve been growing them out since last fall. This routine felt so freeing and awesome.
  • We don’t stay in one of those all-inclusive resorts. I know a lot of people do this and I’m not judging them but – for us – that’s just not how we want to see Mexico. We rent a car and we drive around and we see things that those people in the resorts never see. Some of that isn’t pretty, to be completely honest, but it’s real and that matters. We have never felt threatened or scared and we enjoy the freedom of having the car and not relying on someone else’s idea of what we should see and do and eat.
  • I love that I don’t have to wear shoes most of the time. We walk from our room to the restaurant without them. We walk the beach without them. We walk to other restaurants along the beach without them. The only time I put shoes on was when we went in the car. It was fantastic and the way I wish life was all the time.
  • It was wonderful to sleep until I woke up. No alarms. Most days I still woke up early – around 6:30 – and sometimes I got up and enjoyed the quiet of the morning. And other times I rolled over and snuggled up to Dale and dozed for another hour or more. There are no clocks in the rooms at Los Lirios and I’m pretty sure that’s no accident.
  • The tequila in Mexico is awesome. And cheap. And most of the brands they sell aren’t available here in the US. The limes are also plentiful and they are cheap, too. I miss the tequila and limes now that I’m home.
  • The ham in Mexico is weird. It’s not even really ham, it’s more like bologna, and they put it on lots of things we wouldn’t put it on. Dale had a hamburger and it came with cheese, bacon and the ham-bologna. He had a club sandwich and it came on that, too. He said it was tasty. But strange.  I did not try it.

That’s all I can think of for now but I’ll leave you with this slide show from flickr of all of my photos from this trip. Hope you enjoy them!

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  1. I hope that one day we get to experience Mexico your way … even better if we could do it with you guys!

  2. Being barefoot all of the time would be my kind of vacation! The only thing missing from your vacation photos are more shots of you!

  3. Fantastic images. If that hotel was smart, they’d be inviting you back to take more pictures for them.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go figure out how to fold my linens into an octopus! Too cute.

  4. My parents travel frequently and have the same theory as you – give us a car and we will find our own things to discover. Much more fun that way. Wonderful pictures!!!

  5. You could do this all week! Love the beach photos…I can just imagine myself there…warm breezes and toasty sand in my toes. 🙂

  6. Was it worth another post? ABSOLUTELY! Our (my hubby and I) attitude about resorts is like yours — to me they are a waste of time, not to mention money! We do the occasional tour, but eschew the “Dirty Dancing” contrived fun scene! Your week sounds totally perfect!

  7. P.S. beautiful photos. So glad your couldn’t resist boozing it up whilst on holiday!

  8. I think you get to make a whole month of blog posts about Mexico…I’m enjoying all of them!

  9. Not even flip-flops? I guess I’ve been working in public buildings too long to even think of walking around barefoot! Sounds like a wonderful time, though, except for that! 😉

  10. Beautiful photos! What a great vacation! (Jealous. . .) No hairdryer AND barefoot. Perfect!

  11. I think it’s the “all inclusive” thing that’s always sort of soured the idea of a cruise for me, too. I like FREEDOM!

    Yay for bare feet!!

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