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Family Photo Shoot

Of course you all remember this beautiful baby and his parents, right? Well, when I did the newborn photos of little Landon I also got to take photos of his 5 month old cousin, William. Ready for the cute parade?

will in a bucket for carole knits

Right? Gimme a baby and a bucket and I’ll give you a pretty picture. The bucket was especially helpful since this little guy can’t sit up on his own just yet.

denim legs and will for carole knits

His dad’s legs also came in handy for propping him up. I love all the denim in this one.

will smiling for carole knits

I adore the way little William is looking up at his mom and dad in this one. And allow me to say right now that taking photos of a nearly 5 month old is, ummmm, challenging. Getting him to look at me and smile at the same time? Downright impossible.

dube family for carole knits

Still, we managed.

.dube famly one for carole knits

Oh yes, we did.

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  1. Oh, Carole! What a precious little boy (and adorable parents, I must add). What a fun photo shoot! (And those little overalls? Oh, heart be still. . .)

  2. Awwww! Pictures are darling…love the expression in the last one. It just occurred to me that I have a picture of my husband in a tub like that!

  3. He looks so sweet. With 5 mo olds you just take what comes. Smiles are overrated. Your photos are fabulous, girlfriend! xox

  4. I think that looking straight at the camera and smiling is highly overrated, myself. Your pictures are wonderful and I think you captured the sweetness of that dear baby and his parents.

    Great job!

  5. sigh. another wonderful set of photos! I really love to see baby boys looking baby-cute and boyish. and I don’t think looking you in the eye really matters that much if you get that beautiful catchlight from a different angle. very well done!

  6. Looks allot like taking pictures of my Yorkie—I am not quick enough. My Hannah doesn’t look at the camera so much as she gives it a quick glance.

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