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A New Look

As a photographer, it’s very difficult for me to hand my camera to someone else. First, there’s the money factor. My camera is not a cheapo thing and I get nervous when other people handle it. Second, there’s the trust factor. I have a hard time trusting that anyone else can capture the shot that I see. Let’s face it – they can’t. Even the best photographer in the world can’t get exactly the image that I want – only I can do that.

However. I needed a head shot so last week when Dale and I were in Rockport and I took that great picture of him, I relented and gave him the camera to take one of me.

cjp headshot for carole knits

And, it’s okay. It’s not exactly what I had in mind but I think it captures the way he sees me and that works since he adores me and maybe that will make other people adore me.

Why did I need a head shot, you may ask? And why do I want other people to adore me, you may also ask? Because I have launched my photography website. Yes, Carole Julius Photography is now a thing.


You may also have noticed this morning that the blog has a new look. It’s pared down and cleaned up and it matches my photography website. I hired the awesome and talented Carrie to design the themes for both and she has done a fabulous job.

How’s that for a Monday morning announcement?

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  1. I have to get on my computer to see the new look. But, the photo of you is lovely. I think there can be something very confidence building, especially on THOSE days, in learning to see ourselves the way a loved one does. It helps affirm we are more than a collection of skills and tasks that are measurable.

  2. Congratulations! Your new look is really clean and lovely. I especially like your “stories” gallery and the idea that photography doesn’t have to be only for big events and milestones.

  3. LOVE the new look and the photograph of you is very, very good! It makes me adore you all the more! 🙂
    Congrats on your new “thing”. xox

  4. Woot woot!!! It looks great! Dale did a good job on your head shot. I’m going to check out the photography site now. Congrats Carole!

  5. Wow. Congratulations. I love so many of the photos you take. Good luck to you. You’ve got the talent for it.

    At least I don’t have to compare my photography to yours anymore and find myself lacking: I’m an amateur and you’re a professional!

  6. Dale did a good job…it’s a super photo! And congratulations! You have a talent with photography. I’m sure you’ll succeed!

  7. I like it! It is a pretty impressive makeover, but you have changed many things in your life in the decade-plus since you started blogging and it is good to acknowledge it with a change. The picture of you is sweet and lovely, and if it comes through the eyes of an adorer, so much the better at capturing the heart of the person being photographed!

  8. AWESOME! All the way around! I love it all (but especially you!). I wish you all the best as you launch your exciting new venture!!!

  9. The photo of you – simply wonderful! It shows you as happy and open to all the world has to offer (and that is you)!!

    Congratulations on your new adventure in life!

    Linda in VA

  10. super cool, Carole! love the new look! and Dale did a great job with the camera. Congratulations on all fronts!!

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