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Back to School Socks

I was sure, absolutely positive sure, that I had already blogged about my latest pair of socks. I found them in my big works-in-progress basket the other day, though, and I thought . . . hunh . . . why are these here? I’ve already blogged them. So I did what any good blogger does – I searched the blog. I didn’t find them there although I was sure I had blogged about them before I went away on vacation. If one of you finds that post, don’t tell me, mmmmkay?


back to school socks 1 for carole knits

These started out as summer socks but since I’m only just now showing them to you I have decided to call them Back to School Socks. It’s September, after all, and these colors scream September and fall and pumpkins and apples and books.

back to school socks 3 for carole knits

Hence the props in the photos. I’m nothing if not predictable.

back to school socks 2 for carole knits

For those who want to know, the yarn is Painted Desert by Knitting Fever. The pattern is a basic 64 stitch sock pattern with a couple of inches of ribbing at the top.

Nothing fancy, nothing exciting, but plenty soft and plenty warm and plenty perfect for our (sadly) upcoming cold weather.

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  1. Great socks! They certainly do exude “Fall” and will warm your feet. 41° this morning here. Ugh.

  2. Last week we needed socks, but this week it’s warmed up nicely. Soon enough you’ll be in need of all the beautiful sock in your sock drawer. How wonderful to have so much color, beauty, and warmth at your toe-tips.

  3. I like how the color of your socks evolve rather than pool. Perfect for the coming fall temps. I’ll miss summer, but I’m ready for some crisp weather. Have a great Monday, Carole!

  4. The timing is better now… maybe that’s why you saved them? The light, the air, the cooler evenings, all whisper ‘winter is coming…’. The colors are beautiful.

  5. A departure from your usual pattern, no? I think if I refuse to acknowledge the chill, it does not exist. Also, I was forced to order new corduroy pants to match the socks I knitted during the spring and summer (half knitted, I should say – one of each pair….)

  6. Perfect socks for fall. And winter too!
    I was surprised when you told the yarn. I made socks that are almost identical to yours but out of Patons Kroy.
    Love the books and apple backdrop for them. 🙂

  7. it even feels like fall in Georgia today! those socks will be warm and cozy for sure. (and I don’t remember seeing them on the blog before)

  8. La-la-la-la-la. I’m ignoring the cold air pouring in through my windows. I refuse to give in to the inevitable. No socks for me. . .

  9. I love the socks. You are absolutely right… they say “fall is in the air”. Great props to use for you sock still life photos.

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