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Wednesdays Are For Knitting: Rainbow Birthday Socks

I finished Hannah’s birthday socks! Yes, her birthday was back in September. Whateverrrrr. It’s not like she would have been wearing them until now anyway.

rainbow socks 1 for carole knits

Aren’t they pretty? So pretty!

birthday socks 2 for carole knits

Those gorgeous and perfectly matched stripes are brought to you by the amazing Julia of Knitterly Things.

birthday socks 3 for carole knits

The color is called Rainbow Love and I don’t think it could be more aptly named – especially since I love this yarn and Hannah loves rainbows. And yoga. And unicorns. (Just making sure you are paying attention.)

birthday socks 4 for carole knits

So, finally, a pair of finished socks. Production is down but enjoyment is high.


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  1. How clever of you to finish those great socks when it’s getting cold and Hannah can really appreciate them and all their rainbow warmth!

  2. As an economist by training, I can tell you that scarcity increases both value and enjoyment. Way to maximize Hannah’s birthday gift for her!

  3. The socks are gorgeous, and just perfect for Hannah! I’m sure she didn’t even mind them being a bit after her birthday … after all, getting presents after your birthday just extends the fun 🙂

  4. Verra nice – a more muted rainbow coloration which is pleasing. Going now to check out that yarn because I really need more sock yarn…

  5. It has been a long, long time since a picture of picot edge socks has inspired me. But these did it. Thanks for making me feel the spark of yarn lust once again.

  6. Gorgeous socks—after seeing so many pairs of Vesper socks on your blog, I started following Julia’s website, and I joined the sock yarn club for October-December. (Winter is going to be a little less bleak here.)

  7. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!! I bought some Vesper yarn, but not sure my hands can handle knitting socks. Hannah’s socks are SO wonderful!!

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