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A Month of Photos: November 2014

We’re a week into December here but I still need to go back and share the photos I took in November. Ready?

november mosaic

It’s quite a transition from orange and brown and gold to that final shot of red and green for the Christmas season at the end. Lots of my usual subjects: food and flowers and home decor but I’m trying to include more people photos, too.

And now, as they say, onward . . . to December!

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  1. Your fall-toned photos are lovely; smiling, happy family photos are even lovelier, and the wreath photo is a definite harbinger of things to come! Thanks for the look back!

  2. Those socks are so bright and pretty and just stand out! All great photos – as per usual. Those pies just look so yummy!

  3. My first reaction was too much orange…then I got to the wreath picture–bravo! My November special favorites were the leaves and the autumnal flora!

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