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A Month of Photos: December 2014

Let’s take a look at the photos I took in December . . .

december 2014 mosaic

It’s all Christmas, all the time! There’s lots of decorating and cookie baking and lights twinkling right there. It’s such an easy thing to take a photo every day in December because there’s so much going on. I even managed some people photos which is definitely me getting outside of my comfort zone. I have sort of learned, though, that people like it when I take their photo because they know I’ll do a good job. Or, at least, they know that if I don’t do a good job that photo will never see the light of day.

Since this is the last photo mosaic of 2014 I thought you might be interested in seeing the entire year of photos. Should that be the case please click here to peruse them. I think it’s been a pretty fantastic year and I love that I captured it daily.

And now onward to 2015 and the days of January. This, dear friends, is the challenging month, but after 5 years of doing this I’m not stopping now.

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  1. what a great month! all our favorite things about the holidays wrapped up in 31 photos (extra points for that baby, too!) I’m embracing the feeble light and soft colors of January…. it’s all we can do, right?

  2. January. It’s pretty bleak. (Especially after the warm embrace of December!) Can’t wait to see how you capture it. Lovely photos, Carole. Such a beautiful representation of the month.

  3. December was a great month and I’m very glad you linked to flickr so I could appreciate the whole year. Congratulations on five years; with your photos and blog your life is really well-chronicled!

  4. Carol,
    I am in love with the jewelry Christmas it yours? I would love to make one!

  5. I make (and made) those green Christmas tree cookies, too. Next year, more almond extract!

  6. Christmas pictures! Love them. After a month or more of the mad dash to get ready for Christmas I feel like I could really enjoy it now more than when it happened…if that makes sense!

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