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It was another stellar weekend here, dear readers. Ready for a recap?

On Friday I did the usual

  • gym (which was so full of the dreaded January people that I couldn’t get a treadmill. Seriously? I mean, yay for you guys for starting this but, as Kym said – stay out of my way)
  • grocery shop
  • errands (including a trip to Best Buy – more about that later)

I also did the unusual and that included

  • lunch with the Knitigator. It was so awesome to catch up and yes, I gave here a mini lecture on blogging more
  • dinner with our awesome friends Ken and Leslie. (we generally stay home on Friday nights but these friends live so close to us that it’s almost like staying home – and, speaking of home, theirs is lovely and cozy and we had a delightful evening that included a fabulous dinner and lots of laughs playing Cards Against Humanity)

On Saturday, because I had planned so well on Friday

  • it was a pajama day
  • I read an entire book (Still Alice, which was awesome and also heartbreaking)
  • I enjoyed the hell out of my purchase from that trip to Best Buy. (yes, we took the plunge and bought Sonos wireless speakers for our house. 4 Play1s and a Play3. They are a-maze-ing. We have listened to music more this weekend than we have in ages because it’s just so easy to turn it on and enjoy it in every room as we wander through the house. Worth every [and there were many] penny. It’s like the old days when we had a big stereo system and receiver with speakers everywhere. Only so much better.)
  • cooked a delicious pot roast
  • watched the snow fall

On Sunday

  • woke up to a mini winter wonderland
  • listened to music all morning (Carole King radio on Pandora, if you want to know.)
  • went to see The Imitation Game. (this may be my new favorite of the best picture nominees – it’s truly fantastic.)
  • played way too many game of 3s and Mario Kart
  • made a delicious dinner of roasted salmon
  • watched Downton Abbey (buh bye Lord Gillingham. And also, Sara Bunting annoys the crap out of me.)

And here we are on Monday already. Sounds like we’re getting snowmageddon here. It’s okay, though.

fridge for carole kntis

We are ready.


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  1. You were busy this weekend!

    I have one more grocery run to make (forgot the dog food yesterday), and then we’re hunkering down for the duration.

  2. We are “ready,” but I’m still very nervous. This tall old house so close to the ocean takes a lot of weather, and I suspect I’m going to be out in the barn in my jammies in the middle of the night, trying to start the generator.

  3. I’m just getting ready to start Still Alice.

    Sounds like an excellent weekend. Stay safe in the blizzard! We are supposed to get dumped on, but not as bad as where you are. Though of course people here will act like it’s THE END OF TIMES.

    Take care, and stay warm.

  4. I love hunkering down during a big snowstorm! Enjoy! (And I loved The Imitation Game, too. Actually . . . I love so many of the movies this year. Hard to choose a favorite!)

  5. Sounds like a perfect weekend! We had a jammies day on Saturday too, knitting with friends and their kids on Sunday morning, and a nephew’s hockey game on Sunday afternoon. Over much too soon! (And I want to hear how you like the Play3 vs the Play1s…)

    Waiting to see if this storm misses us today or is the snowmageddon we’ve been threatened with!

  6. Lord Granthum is an ass. I’d love to have a system that played music all through the house, although I could just turn the stereo up a little louder. Wish we had snow, oh how I WISH we had snow! 52 yesterday, just so you know.

  7. The extra people in my Jazzercise classes are driving me nuts as well. I waffle between being annoyed with them invading my space and being glad that they’re doing something for their health. I land squarely on “go find someplace else to workout!”

  8. Since moving to IL 8 years ago, I miss the excitement of a Nor’easter. We haven’t had very much snow this winter…just a lot of dark, gray days. Snow would be nice!

  9. What a wonderful weekend! We are as ready for the snow as we are going to get. And Sara Bunting annoys me to no end as well. I haven’t watched last nights episode yet but it sounds like a good one. Hopefully I can watch it before the power goes out. You and Dale stay safe up there!

  10. You had a fun, packed weekend! We were at the beach on Saturday in shirtsleeves and I thought of you. We were sitting on a restaurant patio listening to live jazz for lunch. Now I see on the morning news that there is a big fire in that exact neighborhood and about 90 homes have been evacuated. Hope our favorite restaurant doesnt get burned down! Stay safe and warm.

  11. Great weekend Carole! I’m looking forward to the storm and being home. (I know that Doug will attempt the work thing urrrrrgggghhh.) Here’s to it! 😉

  12. What a great weekend! I’m not much of a movie person unless it’s available on Netflix, but I loved The Imitation Game. I’m a bit concerned that I only see one gallon of milk and one dozen eggs; here people are compelled to rush out and buy multiples of each at the mere mention of snow. Stay safe and warm!

  13. We’re going to get a little bit of snow, but not much… I’m beginning to wish for it, though! It’s the time of year I start to worry about the farm fields.

    Yay for a fabulous weekend! Stay warm and dry.

  14. I am really going to miss Lord Gillingham. He is so handsome and I think he is endearing—like a big, cuddly puppy. (It’s his soft brown eyes.) I have cheated and watched the remaining episodes for this season on YouTube, and I was very glad to see that he has a happy ending after all—he’s better off without Mary—she’s turning into a big, self-absorbed PIA. My weekend kicked off Friday afternoon with a visit from RotoRooter and my mom was in the hospital with a UTI, so the last three days have kind of blown chunks here in Brendaland.

  15. I’ve been watching non-stop coverage of snowmagedden! Maybe you’ll be able to cap your weekend with a lovely snow-knitting day! Stay safe and cozy!

  16. sounds like a lovely weekend! I saw The Imitation Game yesterday and oh my, wonderful! (I haven’t yet seen Downton…just four weeks into the season and I’m already running out of steam!) Hoping the forecasted storm isn’t as bad as it sounds…it sounds truly awful! Stay warm!!

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