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Mexico, 2015: The One About The Food

If you are the least bit hungry you’ll want to step away from your computer right now. Seriously. Get a snack or something before you read this post because I am going to be showing you pictures of all of the fantastic food we ate in Mexico. Okay, not all of the food. I never took any photos at breakfast – although I should have since the omelets made to order are fantastic and the beautifully sliced fresh fruit is very photogenic – and I think I missed a photo of my super fish tacos and maybe another night or two but still, you are about to be bombarded by food photos.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Let’s start with this one:

beach lunch for carole knits

Lunch on the beach in front of our hotel. Please understand that I use the word “hotel” very loosely. We stay in bungalows, right on the beach. Each bungalow has 2 rooms downstairs and 2 rooms upstairs. We prefer downstairs because we like to step outside our door and right into the sand. Anyway. There is bar service and food service on the beach all day and one afternoon we ordered cervezas and sandwiches. It’s not the most glamorous food we ate but it certainly came with the best view and service.

Next up:

mushroom blue cheese bruschetta for carole knits

Mushroom and blue cheese bruschetta from La Luna. This restaurant is a short walk up the beach and the inside looks like something out of Arabian Nights. (I’ll show you restaurant photos later, today it’s all about the food.) This was a wonderful appetizer and really different. I don’t have pictures of our entrees but I had fettuccine with prawns and Dale had grouper.

Of course you know there were cocktails. This is a margarita, naturally, from Las Estrellas, also a short walk up the beach, but in the opposite direction.

las estrallas margarita for carole knits

We ate here twice and on the first visit I had this black ravioli filled with lobster and garnished with tomatoes and avocados

black ravioli for carole knits

And Dale had this amazing seared tuna. I had seared tuna a different night, at Ziggy’s, and he loved mine so much he ordered it himself at this restaurant. We eat a lot of fish in Mexico.

seared tuna for carole knits

One day we had lunch on the beach at Ziggy’s. I started with a shot of Clase Azul Tequila. It’s pricey but it makes anything else taste like rot gut. So smooth!

clase azul reposado for carole knits

And Dale had coconut shrimp

coconut shrimp for carole knits

While I had tequila shrimp tacos with a chipotle cream sauce. They were heavenly. Tacos in Mexico are pretty different than tacos in the U.S. They are smaller, for one thing, and they are almost always made with soft corn tortillas. I had tacos several times last week but these were the absolute best.

shrimp tacos for carole knits

Back to Las Estrellas on a different night where I had a flank steak with sweet potatoes and onions. So tender and rare and perfect.

flank steak for carole knits

Dale went wild and had the couscous stuffed lobster. These aren’t are cold water Maine lobsters but spiny lobsters that don’t have claws. They were grilled and very tasty – he was glad he tried them – and I was glad, too, since he’s not always very adventurous when it comes to ordering.

spiny lobster for carole knits

Happy Hour is a big deal in the area and we participated just about every day. Who can resist dos para uno margaritas? Certainly not us!

margaritas at los lirios for carole knits

Finally, on our last night, we went to Ziggy’s again. It’s hand’s down our favorite place on the beach. The atmosphere is wonderful and the food is incredible. On this night I had shrimp with passion fruit and coconut.

shrimp with passionfruit for carole knits

Dale was all set to get the tuna but the waiter suggested the surf and turf and Dale was very pleased with it. There were herb grilled shrimp and a filet of beef with a mole sauce plus – a rarity in Mexico – mashed potatoes.

surf and turf for carole knits

I saved the best for last, though. This is a photo of the tuna nachos at Ziggy’s. We get them as an appetizer every time we go because they are fan-freakin-tastic.

tuna nachos for carole knits

Three crisp wontons each stacked with fresh tuna, avocado, srirarcha mayo, onions and coriander. My mouth is watering just thinking about how amazing they are!

So there you have it – food in Mexico and not a refried bean in sight! Seriously, the cuisine is wonderful and not at all what you might expect. The Yucatan influence is strong and therefore there are lots of fish dishes, lots of sweet potatoes, achiote seasoning, limes and more. It’s all delicious and the best part is that the prices are very reasonable. Meals like this where we live, with service close to the beach (not on it because that’s pretty rare even on Cape Cod) would cost us upwards of $100 or more. In Mexico, though? Most of our dinners, with appetizers, entrees, drinks and tip, averaged $55. Factor in the no shoes thing and it’s worth even more! Sweet, right?

It’s no wonder we keep going back.

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  1. that’s quite a spread for 6:50 am! it all looks and sounds delicious. I’m a huge fan of seafood…looks like I’d find plenty to eat (and oh my all those margaritas!!)

  2. Delicioso! Our vacay to south Texas involved some incredible border food & rain of biblical proportions. Maybe I’ll force feed DH some of your vacation pics. Might need to edit out some of the fish though. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Now I want couscous stuffed lobster for breakfast! It all looks amazingly delicious, and I’m glad to learn that Mexican food is much more than refried beans and burritos.

  4. Everything looks delicious especially the tuna nachos. I am so hungry even though I are my boring breakfast while reading your post.

  5. Oh yum! All that sea food! I could eat tuna, shrimp and lobster every day!!
    We have several places in Utah that serve tacos the Mexican way. Of course, this is the West.

  6. Everything looks so yummy! And for the price? How could you NOT go back? It looks like lots of beach and relaxation. Oh, and good food. That’s all I need for vaca.

  7. Muy sabroso! It all looks so good, I’m ready to buy my plane ticket. Also, it’s guiltfree since fish is so healthy.

  8. So YUM. Looks much like our fare (and price range) in Belize. And the barefoot thing? Oh, yeah. Just The Best.

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