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Mexico, 2015: The One With The Restaurant Photos

I promised yesterday that I would show you photos of the various restaurants where we ate all of that awesome food. And I always deliver on my promises.

First up, the bar area at Los Lirios. They have done quite a bit of redecorating this past year and the bar now sports comfortable couches and lounge furniture.

It’s the perfect spot to enjoy a margarita or 3.

los lirios bar for carole knits

And the view isn’t bad, either. We tried out all 3 couches and a few of the chairs, too.

los lirios lounge for carole knits

Mateo’s is a friendly cantina on the beach road. It’s not within walking distance for us but when we need to head into town it’s a great place to stop for a drink and some ceviche.

mateos for carole knits

On the day we visited last week this man was preparing a huge pile of coconuts for cocktails.

coconut man for carole knits

La Luna is the spot where we had the bruschetta. It’s a middle eastern styled restaurant and they served us some delicious hummus when we ordered our dinner. That’s something that is a little different than here in the U.S. – once you order dinner they bring you snacks – often very good snacks – but if you just order drinks you get no snacks. Interesting, no?

Anyway, La Luna is beautiful inside although we always opt to eat outside. I just love this seating area, it reminds me of the inside of Jeannie’s bottle.

la luna for carole knits

Las Estrellas, home of the black ravioli and couscous stuffed lobster, is right next door to where we stay. The inside is all white wood and Mexican tiles and it’s lovely and simple. It actually reminds us of places we visit on Cape Cod and the beachy vibe is awesome.

las estrellas for carole knits

Finally, I have once again saved the best for last. Ziggy’s. Whether we are eating outside on the beach for lunch or inside in the evening for dinner, it’s gorgeous. They have these giant hanging baskets with lights inside off them that sway in the breeze. And the tables are all set right in the sand.

ziggys for carole knits

We opted to be “inside” both evenings we went but all that means is that we were under the roof since there aren’t any walls. And you can see from this photo how close we are to the water – those palm trees are at the edge of the beach. Gorgeous, right?

ziggys beach view for carole knits

So, to recap, delicious food. Gorgeous settings. Great values.

I said it before but I’ll say it again: no wonder we keep going back!

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  1. You are much braver than we are! We have been on several cruises that included ports in Mexico, but we have never eaten or drunk anything in Mexico.

    For what it’s worth, my microbiology professor was fond of saying Mexicans get “tourista” in New Orleans, too. You just never see them: they are stuck in their hotel bathrooms!

  2. About 10 years ago a friend had an awful and violent experience while vacationing in Mexico with her husband, and that has really shaped my opinion about Mexico as a travel destination. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos and terrific times; you’re showing me that I shouldn’t judge the whole country based on one dire happening.

  3. You make relaxing look posh and elegant, plus all that beautiful food and beachy views….you found your heaven on earth!

  4. Tables and chairs in the sand – what a wonderful idea! You would think with all the beachfront we have around here that somebody would have thought of that. But, I guess it would be useful for only 3 months per year, huh?

  5. Carole, maybe they’d give you next year for free to acknowledge how great an advertisement you are! These photos – and your accompanying enthusiastic words – are the best travel tips I’ve seen!

  6. These spots are so inviting…reminders of a long ago trip to Mexico. Several commenters referred to bad experiences there…your take onmthat would be interesting.

  7. I love the feeling of being outdoors even when you’re “in” — we found that at almost every restaurant and eatery, too.

  8. Mexico is a GREAT place to vacation!!! There are beautiful, upscale, but very relaxed resorts that are safe and comfortable. I wouldn’t hesitate to go back. (Although . . . just a little more south is Belize . . . and that place has won my heart these days.) Lovely, lovely spots, Carole! I can totally see why you keep going back. Paradise.

  9. I’m so happy for you and Dale…it looks as if you may have found a beautiful slice of heaven on earth! And oh, the food – you may have just found a new career with your camera!

  10. It all does look so beautiful! Ken is always nervous about staying in Mexico, but when he looked on the map as to where Tulum is, he was a little less so. Maybe some day…..

    Belize is pretty darn close as well. 🙂

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