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Staycation Update: The One With All The Food Photos

If you are hungry turn away right now. Or get yourself a snack before you go any further. Ready? You are about to be bombarded with photos of the amazing things we have been eating this week. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

partners sandwich for carole knits

An Avocado Bacon & Cheese Wrap from Partners eaten at Horseneck Beach.

quahog republic for carole knits

Margaritas, Beers and Littenecks at Quahog Republic.

farmers daughter bacon bloody mary for carole knits

A Bloody Mary. With Bacon! At The Farmer’s Daughter.

farmers daughter huevos rancheros for carole knits

Huevos Ranchers, also at The Farmer’s Daughter. There’s steak under those eggs. And the tomato jam in the upper right corner? Fabulous.

farmers daughter panini for carole knits

A Turkey, Ham & Cheese Panini at The Farmer’s Daughter. This was Dale’s sandwich and it was reportedly delicious, as were the terra chips on the side.

Not pictured: various cocktails, charcuterie platters at home, a stuffed quahog and quahog chowder, raspberries from a local farmstand, the first local corn of the season and many cups of coffee. Upcoming (with any luck): lobsters!

What have you been eating this week?

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  1. That may be the best-looking Bloody Mary ever! I may be cooking some bacon to recreate that myself (and also because I’m now very hungry)!

  2. Horseneck is my favorite local beach. Lots and lots of soft sand. Where is the Farmers Daughter? Looks like I need to try some of their food!

  3. You have a distinct talent for photographing food! A drink in a Ball jar – my favorite (not least because it also is my name.)

  4. Oh pul…ese…don’t ask. Hot water heater is out, all the dishes are in the dishwasher, hair is dirty. However, I am enjoying living vicariously!

  5. Yum! we have Bloody Marys with bacon every Friday evening. I use turkey bacon because you know . . . that makes it GOOD for you.

  6. I’ve been wanting to try the Farmer’s Daughter for a while now.
    Maybe we’ll get over that way this weekend.
    How bad are the lines?

  7. Pretty blog layout you have – I’m in love with white space and lots of color these days.

    Those are some of the the prettiest plates I’ve ever seen.

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