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Wyeth Exhibit

There’s something I didn’t tell you about our trip to Heritage Museum and Gardens. We had an ulterior motive for visiting this summer. We wanted to see The Wyeths: America Reflected exhibit.

Dale and I are long time fans of American artists (our favorite being Winslow Homer) so when we first heard that the Heritage Museum had pulled together a collection of works by N.C., Andrew and Jamie, we knew we had to go. And we weren’t disappointed. I loved seeing Andrew Wyeth’s works, and Dale has discovered a new love for the works of N.C.

dale wyeth poster for carole knits

No photography was allowed in the exhibit but it just so happens that my favorite of Andrew’s paintings, Master Bedroom, was the one featured on the sign on the side of the exhibit hall. I couldn’t resist having Dale pose with it.

dale petting dog on bed for carole knits

And of course I encouraged him to pet the dog.

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  1. I bet it was great to see works from the whole family in one exhibit; I’ve seen lots of Andrew’s work, but not N.C. or Jamie. I thought tomorrow’s ToT had something to do with your staycation museum visit!

  2. Love it. My last big museum exhibit was Brilliant, an extensive exhibit of/about Cartier. I appreciate the curator that can catch my attention and teach me more about appreciating art and its’ creators.

  3. I will GET. THERE. I have that painting and once someone asked me why I like it so much. I said, that’s what life is all about right there. Happy Monday Carole!

  4. Since you are interested in Andrew Wyeth works, the Butler Museum of American Art in Youngstown Ohio has the original “Crack the Whip” in its permanent collection, if ever in Northeastern Ohio,its worth a visit to see it in person. It is quite large. Dianne

  5. Good story, I’m related to Winslow Homer. I have fallen in love with many other american artists now too. I could spend days in the american wing of the MFA in Boston

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