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Reagan is 2!

A few weeks back I had the privilege of taking photos of Reagan for her 2nd birthday. She is the daughter of my friend Rachael, and granddaughter of my friend Beth, and she is utterly adorable.

And we had so much fun!

We took the photos at Beth’s house and Rachael brought along Reagan’s favorite chair. It helped to start out there. But she didn’t sit still for long!

rb2_3_cjp for carole knits

Beth has gorgeous gardens and we just let Reagan meander through them them with me trailing behind with my camera. Would you just look at those beautiful red curls? And I’m so glad this particular outfit matched the peonies.

rb2_8_cjp for carole knits

Like any 2 year old, Reagan has her silly moments. I was lucky to capture this one because, let me tell you, this little girl moves fast!

rb2_11_cjp for carole knits

After a quick change she was off again. See here? Waving to me? Oh hai, Carole, we’re going this way now. C’mon!

rb2_14_cjp for carole knits

I had Reagan lie on her tummy and that was a stroke of genius. I think she felt very comfortable like that and she hammed it up big time, grinning and laughing for me.

rb2_18_cjp for carole knits

And then there was this one. My absolute favorite. My shot-of-the-day. I mean, really? Could she be any cuter? Or mischievous looking? Yeah, good luck, Rachael and Justin!

rb2_16_cjp for carole knits

Photographing little ones is not for the faint of heart but the rewards are fantastic. Happy 2nd birthday to my favorite ginger!

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  1. oh those ginger curls!!!!! and that impish grin. she’s a cutie for sure, with tons of personality and your photos really capture all that perfectly.

  2. Thanks for the. Beautiful photography Carole!!! Reagan brings so many smiles and so much joy wherever she goes. It’s fun to see her on your blog! Proud Grammie 🙂

  3. The chair picture is reminiscent of a 1946 black-and-white picture I showed my grandchildren this weekend. Mother was undoubtedly the photographer. I was the “model”, dressed in a white dress and wearing a little cross, so I suspect it was my baptism day. In order to get a good picture mother brought my highchair out to the lawn and used available light. I realize few people would care about this, but thought Carole the Photographer might.

    Loved your pictures – they are destined to be brought out and shown to Reagan’s grandchildren!

  4. These pictures are so much better than the studio ones for capturing both the beauty and the personality of this cute little imp. She definitely looks like one who will live up to her red hair!

  5. Oh! Those curls! What fun, Carole! And what perfect shots — all of them. Her parents (and grandparents!) will treasure those glimpses of 2-year-old personality forever.

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