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A Month of Photos: July 2015

Let’s take a look at the photos I took in July, hmmm?
July mosaic

Man alive but those photos scream summer! Blueberries and pies, shrimp and grilled food and outdoor parties, ponds and beaches, baseball and cocktails. July was an excellent month.

The start of August is always a little bittersweet as it means the long days of summer are passing. I intend to make the most of what’s left of it, though, and I’ll be documenting and sharing it, too.

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  1. As you often do, you’ve gone and made me hungry–but that’s OK because I haven’t had breakfast yet. I realized as I was scrolling down my Bookmarks to find you that I was smiling to myself. And that is because you blog so reliably and so cheerfully–thank you, once again! P.S. Is your daughter back from Oxford yet?

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