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iPhone Photo Apps

loupe collage aug 2015

You all know that I have a big digital camera – a Canon 6D, if you want to get specific. It’s wonderful and I have great lenses and I love it. But sometimes I just don’t want to carry it around. In the past I’ve been reluctant to use a camera phone but since getting the iPhone 6 and – even more importantly – since finding some great photo processing apps to use – I’m using that camera phone more and more.

Kim and I were talking about this recently and she asked me to recommend some apps and, wa-la, a blog post was born. Here, in no particular order, are the apps I use most frequently to process photos on my phone.

PicTapGo. $1.99 from iTunes. This little gem comes from the people at Totally Rad and it’s great for quick editing. You can lighten and darken, you can sharpen, you can add fun filters and more. It’s very easy to learn to use and totally worth the money.

Transfer Pro. $1.99 from iTunes. This is probably the biggest reason why I use my iPhone more – it makes transferring photos from my phone to my computer the easiest thing ever. You simply open the app, type the address it gives you into your computer, and there are your photos ready to be downloaded. Woo hoo!

SKRWT. $1.99 from iTunes. You know how I can be kind of anal about straightening my photos, right? Well, SKRWT takes care of that pesky little problem and so much more. It’s also great for cropping and fixing composition problems.

TouchRetouch. $1.99 from iTunes. This glorious app is like a mini Photoshop. Got a zit you want to remove? A distraction in the background? A few swipes of the eraser and you’re all set. It’s got a bit of a learning curve to it but once you figure it out – and it’s definitely easier if you’re familiar with Photoshop – you will be amazed at how powerful it is.

WaterlogueĀ $2.99 from iTunes. I’m betting most of you are familiar with this one – I use it occasionally and Mary uses it frequently and Kym and Margene are also fans. I will caution you and say that some photos just don’t look great as a watercolor but the ones that do are fantastic.

Instagram. Free from iTunes. Finally, a free app! It seems like everyone but me has been on instagram forever. Now that I have finally taken the plunge I have to say that I had no idea I could actually edit my photos within the app. There are some great filters and you can also adjust your brightness, contrast, sharpness and more. I like that you can upload a photo to instagram and share it on Facebook at the same time. And then there’s all those hashtags! (Just for the record, here is the link to my instagram account.)

So there you have it, a few handy photo processing apps for your phone. I know this is geared for iPhone users but I’m sure quite a few of these apps are available in other formats. And I want to say that (sadly) I have not been compensated for any of these reviews.

Let me know if you try any of these and remember, it’s supposed to be fun!

P.S. I should also mention that the photo collage of my instagram photos was made using Loupe.

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  1. No compensation except the a admiration of your fans. I’ve always been more of an ‘in the moment’ person than a picture taker. My iPhone has changed that a bit. Maybe one or two of these apps can help me look like I know what I’m doing!

  2. great roundup! and thank you for the tip about Loupe – off to see what my Instagram stream looks like šŸ™‚

  3. iPhone has so many great apps that I can’t get on Android. I’m very happy to see you using and enjoying Instagram!!

  4. I’m with Margene, lamenting the fact that I can’t get Waterlogue for Android (definitely a first-world problem!) I will be trying Loupe – thanks!

  5. Wow, thanks! I’ve been wondering what to get/use. My husband got a gift card for apps that he’s never going to use – wouldn’t want it to go to waste, right?

  6. Great information – I am going to upgrade my I-Phone 5 to the 6 soon. I am enjoying following you on Instagram. Hey are you going to the Fiber Revival on Saturday? I am really hoping to go this year.

  7. I really like the edits you can make on Instagram. I also have Photo Shop Express and use that often as well. Thanks for the reviews!

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