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Cape Cod Vacation, 2015

vacation instagram collage

Behold, my Instagram photos from our 2 weeks on Cape Cod!

Truthfully, it feels a little like cheating to just use these but, in the interest of timeliness, I’m just going with it rather than waiting until I upload and process all the photos I took with the big camera. I’m sure those will show up here at some point anyway but for now, these are a pretty good recap of our vacation.

As we’ve done for the last 3 years, we had our kids with us for the first week and then we kicked them out for the 2nd week. It’s a great combination of family and alone time and I’m very grateful that we are able to swing it. In that first week we went to the beach a couple of times, we visited Martha’s Vineyard, we shopped, we ate out and ate in, indulging in lobster several times, we played games, shared stories and had an all around good time.

For our second week we actually had Kim and Ken with us for a few days and what a blast that was! We shopped and ate in Falmouth, spent a wonderful day with my college friend Doreen and her husband Mark, played games and drank Kimtinis, listened to music, shared stories and deepened an already strong friendship.

The last part of our second week was alone time and it mostly included the beach. We rode our bikes there, traveling much lighter than when we had 5 people with chairs and beach towels and lunches. We read books and played Quiddler and Phase 10. We talked and talked and talked about, oh, everything. Our jobs and our families, the books we have read, the music we like, the friends we have and the problems we face. We danced and we laughed, we rode our bikes to look at the sunset every night, and we reflected on how lucky we are to be married to each other. Sappy? Absolutely but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

And there you have it. Two weeks of vacation summed up in a few paragraphs and pictures. I sure hope the memories of those hot days at the beach will get me through, well, I’m not even going to say the “w” word.

You all know what I’m talking about.

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  1. Welcome back! Sounds lovely and a really nice mix. I’d love to have a full two weeks away sometime, but my work situation doesn’t allow it. (If I am strategic, I can sometimes manage 10 days…) Anyway, looking forward to those photos filtering in when we need it most… in “W.”

  2. Thank you for letting us vicariously enjoy your vacation. I am curious–is there a lobster “season” or are they readily available year round?

  3. Beautiful photos. We’ve never been to Cape Cod, but seeing your pics inspires me to send this post to the husband to lure him there. Thanks for the ammunition to fuel my campaign. Glad your trip was filled with food, family and love.

  4. Not sure how I missed this post yesterday . . . but I did. What a perfect vacation, Carole. Just the right mix of everything. Keep the memories close as you get back to regular life! XO

  5. Seems like you had at least a month’s worth of fun and memories. I love the recap – and even though I saw every one of those photos on IG, seeing them here all together, with the words, tells the full story. (and did you use an app to create the collage? I LOVE it!!)

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