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Sunday Drives

This Sunday, instead of a selfie, I’m going to talk about the Sunday drive we took last week.

myles standish view for carole knits

Do you love a Sunday drive? I do. It was something I despised as a kid. My parents would stuff my brother and I into the back seat and we’d inevitably end up quarreling. That generally resulted in my father pulling the car over and yelling at us. It usually went something like, “YOU! in THAT corner! YOU! in THE OTHER corner!” And then the drive would resume. Not so fun.

Now, though, Sunday drives are lovely. It gets Dale and I out of the house for a bit and we take back roads and look for new things and adventures. Last week we drove through Duxbury and wound up seeing not only the burial spot of Myles Standish but also the spot where his original homestead stood. The house is no longer there but it’s a pretty little spot with a stairway down to the beach.

The view (pictured above) is pretty sweet, I have to say.

We ended our Sunday drive by stopping at one of our favorite taverns and enjoying a cocktail and some appetizers. It’s a far cry from getting yelled at for fighting with my brother, that’s for sure!

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  1. Thanks for showing me that Sunday drives can be fun! My childhood memories are just like yours, with everyone ending the drive far grumpier than when it began. A visit to a tavern can only help!

  2. I loved our Sunday drives, as I got the window seat behind my father (the driver) and I could see the all places we’d go. Smith and I take Sunday drives when we can, but usually, I go on my own.

  3. I loved Sunday drives! My father was a great storyteller and he would weave his stories as we drove along the winding roads in the Catskills. We stopped at every scenic overlook and often stopped for picnic lunches. Sometimes we stopped and hiked along a trail. It was great fun!

  4. Am I weird or something–I loved Sunday drives and getting out of the house. New England is such a wonderful,place for a drive both for history and scenery.

  5. I grew up going on Sunday drives, too. My parents took my grandmother, my brother and me through the Long Island estate districts to the east of our village. I always sat in the center of the back seat. My husband and I no longer own a car, so the possibility of taking a Sunday drive is limited to going to Rhinebeck every October in a rental. We like going on Sundays when it’s not crowded. It was beautiful as always this year, especially since it snowed (although it couldn’t stick).

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