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Family Photo Shoot At The Beach

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Allison, a long time friend of my stepdaughter’s. She asked me to come her home by the beach to take pictures of her 3 gorgeous children. Of course I said yes and I’m so glad I did.

kids_bench for carole knits


When I arrived the baby, who is only 4 months old, was napping so the two older kids and Allison and I took a walk down the street to the beach. How cute are these two?

j_shells for carole knits


They are also quite energetic. This little guy, who is 4, wanted to show me everything! The oysters and the clams and the sand and the sea.

js for carole knits


He was constantly on the move but luckily inspiration struck and I asked him to show me his favorite rock. I just love the way he’s looking at me here.

jo_beach for carole knits


His big sister wanted to do everything I asked of her. She is absolutely gorgeous and so easy to photograph. She loves the beach and was so happy to have her picture taken there.


jo_s for carole knits


This photo kills me. I didn’t even ask her to put her hands under her chin, she just did it. Future model, right there.

jo_s_fence for carole knits


And this one! How about a big canvas over the fireplace? That’s what I wold do.

a_and_jo for carole knits


Looking at Allison here you can see why her kids are so gorgeous, right? I mean, come on.

kids in chair for carole knits


Back to the house we went and the baby was awake and ready for his close up. He is so sweet and put up with a lot of manipulating as we tried to get all 3 kids to at the same time. Ha!

mom and kids for carole knits


The kid were pretty much done at this point but we managed to get one with Allison and the 3 of them as well as one of the entire family.



family for carole knits


There’s my trooper on the right still smiling at me. The baby? He’s had enough. And the 4 year old? I promised him if he smiled nicely this would be our last photo. Can you see that gleam in his eye? Oh yah. As soon as I snapped this he jumped down and said, “that’s it!” I promised Allison a do-over of this one. Ahem.

What a fun time I had, though. I just love this photography business and the chance it gives me to tell a family’s story.

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  1. Beautiful work! And it can be a trial to get kids to look natural once they see that camera. They must have had fun with you.

  2. This is so much nicer than having kids in a studio in stiff poses. The children and beautiful and so are the photos.

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