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A Month of Photos: January 2016

Project 366 is underway and the first month of 2016 is in the books. Let’s take a look.

january mosaic

Lots of food and drink. A couple of selfies. Some flowers. And the cat. January is not an easy month to photograph – the twinkle lights and Christmas decorations are gone, the merry making and parties are over – and yet, I had a great month and captured it every single day. I love my photo diaries and hope you all enjoy seeing them, too.

In other news, the weekend was great. I did a fair amount of knitting, which is sort of miraculous. I got to hang out with Dale and we had a great Friday and Saturday night. We had long talks and a walk, some singing and dancing, a few cocktails and some great food.

How was your weekend?

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  1. Great photos, as always. I love that you managed to capture both the icy beauty of January and the cozy home feeling we all crave this time of year.

  2. I agree – January was a tough one to photograph. I can’t imagine February will be much easier. Guess we will have to take pics of our beautiful selves! Glad you had a nice weekend that included lots of knitting!

  3. The beautiful birds are such a harbinger of the coming spring. I do suffer from Cardinal envy. Despite the rumors of their coming to the Rocky Mountain west, they’re not here yet. As always, your month was packed with food, fun and beauty!

  4. I think you’ve managed to show that January isn’t too bad at all with plenty of shine, good food, nature, and coziness. Just lovely!

  5. your January looks pretty bright and cheerful, I think…certainly delicious :-). and like Patty, I love that cardinal in the snow.

  6. Your January pictures are beautiful!!! think January was a wonderful month for us in southern New England this year…really warm temps and virtually little or no snow! I walked along the beach today wearing only a sweater…62 degrees is a wonderful intro to February!

    I’m starting my first Alabama Chanin project – only one panel of a skirt as a cooperative project shared with several women to lift the spirits of others who are having significant challenges in their lives. It’s an honor to stitch for them, and fun to share the process with others!

    On a disappointing note, I went to WEBS on Saturday and they didn’t have enough Letti-Lopi of any color left in stock for the Stopover sweater – it had all been sent to the shipping department! They re-ordered on Friday but have to wait for a shipment to arrive by boat from Iceland! By boat??? Not air??? They don’t expect it to arrive until spring! I’ve tried several other sources…no luck yet, but I’m going to keep trying! I want it more than ever since I found out I can’t have it! Crossing my fingers! It’s amazing what a KAL started by two popular bloggers can do!

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