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Ten On Tuesday

Are you superstitious at all? I am, at least a little bit. And, while I realize this list would have been more appropriate last Tuesday (it was March 15th, the Ides of March) I think it’s still intersting to consider the 10 Superstitions I Believe In. (and can I just interject, I know it’s a myth that it’s wrong to end a sentence with a preposition but I’m having a hard time letting go of that faux grammar rule.)

cheesy board for carole knits

  1. Bad things come in threes. This seems to be particularly true in the case of death.
  2. When you spill salt some throw over your left shoulder into the face of the devil. I absolutely do this any time I spill salt.
  3. Don’t open an umbrella in the house. Serious business right there.
  4. Knock on wood. Sometimes wood isn’t around and then you have to knock on formica. Just sayin.
  5. Boyfriend sweater. He gets nothing until there’s a ring.
  6. Having an itchy nose means you’re going to get in a fight. My childhood librarian taught me this one and I’ve believed it ever since.
  7. Don’t step on a crack. My mom has been gone a long time now (18 years yesterday, in fact) but I still avoid cracks to protect her back.
  8. Make a wish on an eyelash. I can’t remember if they ever come true but I try anyway.
  9. Double yolk eggs means someone is going to die. It also means you have young chickens so I don’t freak out too much over this one.
  10. Wish on a wishbone. Dale and I always save the wishbones from turkeys and chickens and we make a wish. Since we both always wish for the same thing we both always win.

I think these are pretty mainstream superstitions – I’m looking forward to reading your posts and seeing if you have some that are more unique. Please add a link to your blog post below. As always, click here if you want to receive the weekly Ten On Tuesday email.

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  1. I’m afraid I’m pretty unimaginative and don’t have any superstitions. I think all those four-leaf clovers and heads-up pennies that I found as a kid that didn’t bring me luck, along with birthday candles blown out with one breath that didn’t grant my wish turned me into a non-believer. (I may still believe it’s wrong to end a sentence with a preposition because that lesson was endlessly repeated when I was in school. Where did this idea come from? 🙂

  2. Not much for superstition here either. My parents weren’t so I didn’t grow up with it. I was also pretty young when I sussed out that a lucky rabbit’s foot wasn’t all that lucky for the rabbit. Just sayin’…

  3. I am so not superstitious. I walk under ladders, I step on cracks, I never knock on wood. But these lists are really fun to read! XO

  4. Ain’t superstitious…just can’t think of a thing. I sometimes knock “wood”, but only in jest. Hope you keep your rabbits foot near by!

  5. We were always told that is your nose itches it means you are about to kiss a fool! These were fun to read.

  6. Hatching palm means money…mine never itches. Also, and maybe this is a Southern thing, but you NEVER turn around on a flight of stairs!

  7. I still wish on eyelashes too! Actually, I have extensions now so I get bummed when they fall out. But I wish anyway!

  8. Yup, I’ll add black cats and ladders, burning ears means someone is talking about you, and itchy palms means imminent wealth.

    In Greece if you fall asleep under a cypress tree it will steal your brains. Wear a blue evil eye charm, blue bead for protection- it’s believed that the evil eye can strike at any moment. Garlic is used very much in the same way.

    I was unaware of #9 until now.

  9. I also never hear of #9 (shouldn’t two yolks mean GOOD luck?) but am with you on the rest. On one hand, I do not believe in superstitions. On the other hand, why take chances????

  10. So far no one has mentioned the full moon. ????? Be careful tomorrow!
    Fun topic, Carole!

  11. I am all in on threes and boyfriend sweaters. Years ago, I worked part time in a yarn store and a very attractive young woman spent big bucks on Rowan yarn to knit a sweater for her boyfriend. She came in several months after and I (like a d%#!? fool) asked her about the boyfriend and sweater. She told me not to worry because he’d put a new engine in her car, so it was a good deal!

  12. Oh, is THAT why some eggs have double yolks? I never thought there was a reason behind it – I just imagined it was something that happened sometimes, and never bothered to research it.

  13. yikes, I hope there’s nothing to any of these…especially that first one about deaths coming in threes.

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