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A Month of Photos: April 2016

How can someone who blogs every Monday-Friday get behind? I don’t know but I’ve somehow managed. Ahhh well, it’s not like this is a paying gig or anything. But still, I like to stay on top of things and keep you all current on my fascinating life. So, before we get any further into May let’s take a quick look back at the photos I took in April.

April Mosaic

The beginning of the month had snow, something I’m already finding hard to remember. There was also home improvement stuff and flowers and food and cocktails and music and even some knitting photos. In other words, just another month in the life of Carole. Thanks for letting me share it with you once again.

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  1. I love all the red in this collage and the progress on your home improvement project(s). Will be fun to see those conclude in your May collage! (I still haven’t shared March or April on my blog – thinking now I might just wait til June and do three months all at once!)

  2. How quickly we forget (I didn’t remember the April snow even though I complained about it at the time), which is a good reason to take and share photos. Still life with sink, beers, and cement is one of my all-time favorites!

  3. April had crappy weather, that’s for sure! (And, so far – with a couple of too-brief exceptions – May is following suit. Dang it.) But you always seem to figure out how to make your own life SHINE! Great photo collage, Carole. XO

  4. Carole – Thank you for sharing. I read your blog each morning as I have my first cup of coffee. It’s like checking in with a friend. I appreciate the time you take to blog and share with us.

  5. I agree with Bonny – the still life conversation between you and Dale made me chuckle a long time! And, a shiny new red car! The weather might have sucked, but your month most certainly did not!! XOXO

  6. Such a nice collage — great to see the pit fire again! And, the food and beverages of course.

  7. From snow to pretty flowers – April sure was a month of change! And or course, the home improvements as well!

  8. As the poem says, “April is the cruelest month…” Ours was a roller coaster, just like yours. You certainly made the best of it as the photos attest!

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