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A Month of Photos: May 2016

It’s a cliche but I can’t help but saying – man, time flies when you’re having fun. And boy did I have fun in May. Let’s take a quick peek at the photos that represent something I did/saw/loved each day.

may mosaic

Friends and flowers, food and fun, conferences and meetings and some actual knitting, too. It was a very good month.

June, though? June is my favorite month. My wedding anniversary is in June. Dale’s birthday is also in June. Plus, and it’s true for this year, we often take a vacation in June. Lots of good stuff behind me, as shown above, but lots of good stuff ahead and that’s what makes every day amazing.

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  1. You’ve got tons of good stuff in May, as always. It’s funny seeing the wood stove, and I do love that solar bird bath fountain. I bet June will be even better!

  2. I love the diversity of your photos – from inside by the fire to outdoor fun all in one month! And, the flowers! Great photos, Carole!

  3. what an awesome month! I love all the smiling faces, yummy food & drinks and COLOR! here’s to doing it all over again in June 🙂

  4. Love the May photos! Spring is such an amazing time, and I agree June is the best!

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