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So. I took a bunch of photos this weekend. Wanna see?

new haircut for carole knits

Thursday after work I got a new haircut. Not a drastic change but a few inches shorter and I love it. It’s swingy and bouncy and perfect for the rest of the summer.

thursday night snacks for carole knits

When I got home Dale had surprised me with flowers. No picture right now but let me just say that they are lovely and the thoughtfulness behind them made me tear up a bit. We settled in for a lovely night on the deck, complete with music and martinis and very good snacks.

demarest lloyd beach for carole knits

On Friday we headed to the beach. We used Dale’s park pass for free parking and visited a new spot to us and it was awesome. Very few people, beautiful soft sand and the water was wonderful. We ate tuna sandwiches (why does tuna always taste better at the beach?) and had a fabulous time reading and chatting and swimming.

carole and dale bootys wedding for carole knits

In the evening we went to a wedding of a good friend of Dale’s. It was a very pretty spot and a very happy occasion.

hannah and jess selfie

Our girls were with us and that made it extra special. It was fun to dress up together and take pictures. It’s also very nice, I must admit, to have my adult children buy me a cocktail.

blt for carole knits

Saturday was a wonderful day full of reading, some photo processing, and hanging out inside enjoying the AC. We had BLTs for lunch with, of course, our own tomatoes. What a treat!

pink clouds for carole knits

Dale had to work with the band for a while in the afternoon but we had the evening together on the deck. After a brief shower the skies cleared and the clouds turned pink and we enjoyed some cooler air and a very pleasant evening at home.

summer book bingo cover all for carole knits

On Sunday morning I got up and finished my 25th book since Memorial Day which resulted in a cover all for my Summer Book Bingo card. Woo hoo! I’ll share more on all of this later this week but I will just say that I am very happy to be able to read whatever I want to read as I anticipate our upcoming vacation.

pancakes and sausage for carole knits

I made pancakes and sausage for breakfast and we enjoyed it on the deck. The light was wonderful and the air was beautiful and it was a pleasure to enjoy a quiet morning.

chicken beans and potato salad for carole knits

In the afternoon Sean and Michael came over to hang out and share some food with us. We always have such a great time with them and this time was no different. The time just flew by as we enjoyed sangria and snacks followed by grilled chicken and sides. It was the perfect way to end a truly fabulous weekend.

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  1. Looking at the picture, it really couldnt have been a more summer meal! Love thebouncy, swingy “do” by the way!

  2. Love the new haircut. I’ve never aspired to be a stylist, but what a fun job to make people feel like they look terrific.

  3. love your new ‘do – swingy and sassy seems perfect for you! and the rest of your weekend looks delicious and beautiful. what a great photo of your girls!

  4. The haircut is very becoming! You made me hungry with all the beautiful food photos. What a weekend!

  5. Love your hair! I got a little shorter look this weekend, too. Feels good to have something a little new, but not too much. Tuna always tastes better at YOUR house! Your weekend looks fabulous (as usual!).

  6. Great haircut, so pretty! The photos of food had me drooling! Reading a couple of Ruth Reichl books making my appetite surge….

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