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A Month of Photos: September 2016

I’ve declared June is my favorite month and I stand by that but I think, upon reflection, that September runs a close second. Looking at my photos from last month, I think it’s pretty easy to see why.


The last days at the beach, my birthday and all the celebrating that comes with it, the moments of lingering summer and time shared with friends plus the return to regular routines all make for a month of contentment and joy. It’s still easier for me to take photos of food than people but I did manage to get 6 photos with people in them. And, whether it’s food, flowers, people, knitting or cocktails, each of those photos sparks a memory. That, for me, is what Project 365(6) is all about.

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  1. I’m struck by all the lovely color throughout the photos. I’ll take any month with that much contentment, joy, and beauty!

  2. September is a really wonderful month — still sort of summer, with a hint of change in the air. Lovely photos, Carole!

  3. It’s still hard to believe that October is here-one minute it is blistering hot, the next it’s quite chilly!

  4. September is a beautiful month – and with a birthday, the beach and a few loving people thrown in, I think you had an especially lovely one. (I do LOVE the daily photo habit!)

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