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Wednesdays Are For Knitting : Peace Cowl #1

My Peace Cowl has been finished for a couple of weeks (if memory serves I finished on 12/30 but I didn’t document this) and I’ve been waiting for a proper photo shoot so that I could show it to you. But. You know what? It’s Wednesday and I haven’t talked about knitting in ages and, even without that proper photo shoot, I’m sharing this finished cowl with you.

peace cowl 1 for carole knits

Luckily, the iPhone takes a decent photo. The color is called Blossom and it’s Opal, one of Kim’s yummy yarns. It’s super soft and cozy around my neck.

peace cowl 2 for carole knits

The pattern was very enjoyable to knit, mostly mindless but not boring at all. It’s maybe a little longer than I needed it to be but extra coziness is not a bad thing at all.

peace cowl selfie for carole knits

I’ve worn if a few times, including yesterday, when I snapped this selfie just before I headed to work.

Don’t I look peaceful? No? Well, it’s a rough week for feeling peaceful and I may be expecting a little too much from a handknit, even one made out of cashmere.

Still. I love it so much I’m already working on another one.


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  1. You may have inspired me to knit one. It is lovely in its simplicity…hope the days get better.

  2. It came out great! I have to say this has been one of my most enjoyable knits in a long time. I gave my first one to Courtney so another one (or two) will be going on my needles soon too.

  3. It is gorgeous. And I’d call that look “steely eyed resolve” in a woman ready to take on any challenge. No reason not to look fab while kicking some arse, right?

    And I definitely need to knit me one of those.

  4. It’s a perfect match of pattern and color!

    I have the pattern, but sadly didn’t get started with everyone else. I still definitely want to make it though, so maybe when I finish my current pair of socks.

    Good luck to all of us this week …

  5. Very, very pretty! Mine has stalled as I knit myself a hat and then two pussyhats. Must take it back up as it is great t.v. knitting!

  6. Your lovely cowl does look extra cozy, and a little Peace is much needed this week. I had put mine aside for a while, but will be working on it on Friday in hopes that meditative knitting will help. It may be the tiniest bit of help, but it’s also knitting that will go well with drinking.

  7. Your Peace Cowl is beautiful. I didn’t finish mine until January 8th. I loved knitting it and I’ve started another one as well. Thank you for telling me about this wonderful project.

  8. I love the color! Did you use just one skein? I love the drape of it and how fluid it looks! Perfect! XO (and I am with you, this week SUCKS!)

  9. The cowl looks cozy and elegant. Such a lovely project and one that will always remind you it’s called the Peace Cowl, which may help to focus your mind and calm your nerves.

  10. I’m near the end of my own cowl — planning to finish this week yet. I hope it turns out half as lovely as yours! It is a very lovely, soothing knit — a perfect Peace Project.

  11. I finished my peace cowl about a week ago. I need to snap a photo or two for the project page. And I ought to wear it. Tomorrow it is! You have inspired me!

  12. There is nothing better than handknit cashmere around your neck – and the color suits you perfectly (you look like you’ve been to beach … in January!)

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