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Wednesdays Are For Knitting

Here is a photo of my current knitting projects.

january knitting projects for carole knits

Notice anything?

Every project is either black or orange. And I have no idea how that happened. I mean, obviously it happened because I cast on for all of that stuff but having everything be Halloween colors? Definitely not my style.

Anyway, here’s what’s what:

Top Left: Islington Shawl. To be fair this one is actually black and grey. Ooooh, variety.

Top Middle: Jo March Mitts. I think I started those back in November. I have been woefully ignoring updating my knitting projects on Ravelry so I’m not actually sure.

Top Right: Man Socks for Dale. Started some time last fall when he informed me that all of his hand knit socks had holes. He was wrong about that, of course, but he’s still going to get a new pair of socks. Eventually.

Bottom Right: A hat for Dale. Just your basic hat, nothing fancy, but this is the 3rd attempt at getting it to fit.

Bottom Left: A Peace Cowl. Probably for me but you never know. I love the color and I have a brown coat that has an orange lining so it will go great with that. Come to think of it, so will those mitts.

I hereby pledge that I will not cast on anything new until all of these projects are finished.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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  1. Just thinking about knitting a black hat and especially black socks makes me squint my eyes. Maybe you need to cast on something in bright pink for a little variety? 🙂

  2. Gah! You just reminded me of an orange infinity scarf that is half done. It will get done, not so sure if half my WIPs were black this time of year.

  3. I always seem to knit with the same colors. . . I love the orange! Such great pops of color for these dreary winter days. XO

  4. I feel a lot better now about my two UFOs. Two is not so much! 🙂

    I knitted two pairs of black socks for my SIL and cousin last summer, and I really admire your commitment to make MAN socks in black. (I hope Dale has small feet.) It will be easier when the days get lighter, you know.

  5. I simply love this post! But, that black – oy. I am with Bonny – makes my eyes sore! And, I hope the third time is the charm on that hat! XO

  6. I keep meaning to tell you that I showed my mom your post about your Patriots scarf last year. She started one for this season. LOL So thanks for sharing your knitting projects, Carole.

  7. So hard to stick to the plan isn’t it? My peace cowl will most likely be for next winter. I started a baby sweater yesterday and am ignoring another sweater and a pair of sock. These are real struggles. 🙂

  8. A good variety in your knitting is key to enhanced enjoyment. Since you knit more than just about anyone else I know, I have little doubt you’ll be showing us something bright and springy soon!

  9. “I hereby pledge that I will not cast on anything new until all of these projects are finished.”

    Yeah, right!

  10. I’ve been trying to do that with my projects. I have 5 projects on the needles though I usually don’t count the Hitofude as I cast on and knit a row and that was months ago. I only plan to start a hat before I finish the ones I have but nothing else.

  11. Good luck with that pledge, Carole. Don’t look at any knitting projects until you are finished. That is the only way to not “stray” in my experience. Lots going on in your knitting!

  12. Orange is one of my favorite colors, but I have to be careful with it as it’s not my “best” color. I’ve got the same commitment. No new projects til the needles are empty.

  13. Whoa – no new projects? Whenever I say that, all I can think about is new projects! but I got a big one off my needles this week and will be starting TWO new things … you can live vicariously 🙂

  14. Great projects – I’m trying to finish a few UFO’s too – but that will only make a small dent in mine!

    In case you want to try to mend any of Dale’s socks – the Knit Picks website has some great video tutorials on darning socks – one of which involves “reknitting” over a section which I’ve used lots of times. While it takes a little bit of time to do this, it will give the sock lots and lots more “life”! I’ve even reknit a section as large as an inch or more in diameter under the heel of my foot which is where my socks tend to wear out.

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