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Wednesdays Are For Knitting: Jo March Mitts

The last time we talked about knitting I had 5 projects in progress and they were all orange and black. At this point two of those projects are finished: Dale’s hat and the Jo March Mitts. The man socks are still in progress, as is the shawl. And the orange peace cowl has been sent to the frog pond and restarted with different yarn in beautiful jewel tones instead.

Let’s have a look at those Jo March Mitts, hmmmm?

These were so much fun to knit! The pattern is well written and easy to follow. I added an extra inch or so of length to the cuff because I love a fingerless mitt that goes up my arm just a bit.

The cables are reversed on the left and right hand which is a nice detail. And there’s just something about cables that make a project go really quickly. Well. Really quickly when you actually, you know, work on it.

Can I tell you a secret? The reason I rarely knit mittens and mitts is because I hate knitting thumbs. They are fiddly and you want to just be done already and then you have to deal with thumbs. This time, though, I embraced the thumb knitting. I loved it and cherished every moment of it. Yep.

I wore them all last weekend at SPA and they are perfect. The fit is great due to all those cables and the yarn (Malabrigo Rios in the color Glazed Carrots) is soft and smooshy and I’m so glad to have finished them.

Jo March Mitts. The pattern is free so get yourself some luxurious yarn and make some for yourself.


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  1. I love the pattern name, that the palm and thumb are plain, and those baby cables are sweet. You knit a great pair of mitts, perfect for changeable weather at this time of year!

  2. Those are lovely. I love mitts; they are the perfect accessory for driving, shopping and fooling with your phone! I made myself a pair years ago from a Knitty pattern, and I wear them every day, Oct through April.

  3. Those are pretty snazzy. I hear you on the thumb knitting. And yet, without opposable thumbs who would open the cat food? (Psssst, asking for a furry friend.)

  4. I have that pattern in my library.

    Yours look amazing, and I love the color. Cables are one of my most favorite things.

  5. They turned out so pretty Carole! I’m going to go get that pattern now. Love the cables. I’ve never “done” thumbs, so here we go!!

  6. I love the color – wow, there is an awesome color to carry you through! I have added the pattern to my library! These would be awesome gift mitts! XO

  7. Your mitts are lovely! I have that pattern in my library, maybe I’ll use it for my next pair!

  8. Your mitts are gorgeous! Love the color. I enjoy mitts (knitting, yes, but wearing most of all!) and love wearing them over my gloves on really cold days. Your mitts rock!

  9. you did a wonderful job with the thumbs! and I love that the cables don’t wrap around to the palms. nicely done! and I do hope you’ve started something new… in a spring-time color perhaps?

  10. I love these! Great job! I am going to have to stash dive and find something to make these.

  11. These are great, Carole! Like everyone else, I am going to have to go get this pattern. You have been making progress on your knitting on all your projects. I am impressed!

  12. I am in love with these mitts! I must knit some!

    Do you have a project page for the peace cowl? Are we Ravelry Friends? (I’m Kwizgiver)

  13. Those are just great! I love knitting cables — but on big projects, I tend to tire of them. (Actually, on big projects, I tend to tire of just about everything. . . ) Love them!

  14. Lovely fun mitts! I made one pair years ago and wasn’t crazy about them. Hated that thumb thing too. I think a little more fabric on the arm is key. I will definitely have to consider this this one.

  15. Pretty mitts! I love knitting mitten thumbs. It’s just this tiny bit of knitting that is like magic–a few stitches and you have a thumb!

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