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Wednesdays Are For Knitting: Six Month Socks

We interrupt this travelogue with breaking news:

I finished a pair of socks for Dale!

Seriously. It took me six months (I think, I didn’t document them very carefully) to finish these. Man socks are a lot of stitches but still, that’s the longest I think I’ve ever spent working on one pair of socks.

They are actually sort of related to our trip, too, since I finished them on the plane on our way to Charleston.

What a relief to have these finished and in the welcome hands of the recipient!

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  1. I believe you get extra good wife points when you knit large man socks in dark yarn, no matter how long they take!

  2. As others observed, man socks in very dark, fine yarn? Definitely an act of devotion. Although I was thinking about exactly how much Dale might be wanting wool socks in Charleston!

  3. Ah yes, man socks DO take forever…and the lovely grey color? Even longer. Great job though and well done. Now what’s on your needles???

  4. Men’s socks in dark colors are extra wonderful when finished (no matter how long it takes)! May Dale wear them long and well!!

  5. They are lovely-can’t go wrong with a pair of basic black socks. I know Dale is very appreciative

  6. I cannot imagine knitting a pair of black men’s socks. Sheer torture! But it just shows how much you love Dale 🙂

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