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Wednesdays Are (Sometimes) For Knitting: Baby Tea Leaves

I mentioned that I went to a baby shower on Sunday but what I didn’t tell you is that it was a shower for Blogless Sharon’s son and daughter-in-law. So of course I knit.

It’s the Baby Tea Leaves Sweater and I absolutely love it.

The pattern is really well written and very easy to follow. The yarn is Madelinetosh Pashmina and it actually came from Sean. Truthfully, he saved my butt because I had a short window to knit this sweater and I didn’t really have time to send for the yarn. Sean to the rescue with a skein from his stash!

The buttons came from my Nana’s button box. I image they were white back in the day but they had aged to this lovely yellow which perfectly matched the yarn. And I love getting to use old buttons from my Nana. She knit constantly and was always making baby gifts and I think she’d just love that this craft has become my favorite hobby, too.

The puckers of that yoke are so cute and the sweater is super super soft. They don’t know if the baby is a boy or a girl but I think the color and pattern are neutral and I hope they’ll forgive me that the yarn isn’t super wash.

All folded up and ready to be gifted. I love knowing that this baby will be cuddled in something warm and woolly that I made.

And speaking of babies . . .

Dale and I are thrilled to announce that our daughter Jessica and her boyfriend Eryk are expecting and we will be welcoming a new grandson into our family this October! You can expect to see a lot more baby knits on this blog in the months to come, I can assure you of that.

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  1. Always fun to knit for wee people. Especially wee people related to you. Wishing good health to all as things progress.

  2. That is a great pattern, and I think it goes surprisingly fast!

    Congrats on the good news – it’s fun to have a baby to knit for, but not keep you up all night. 🙂

  3. Congratulations on your exciting news! Oh, and the sweater is gorgeous too. I will have to try that pattern for the next baby that comes along in my world.

  4. Adorable sweater! I’m so happy to hear the news. Best wishes to Jess and Eryk. And of course, all of you! Can’t wait to see the knits.

  5. I love baby knitting too. I’m currently working on Snug Too (a garter-stitch hoodie).

  6. You’ve done a beautiful job of knitting, worthy of the heritage buttons.

    Congratulations to your growing family!

    (Now, don’t follow the example of the Yarn Harlot and put off your baby knitting to the last moment!)

  7. The sweater is so sweet! Great job of picking something that works for any baby. AND congratulations on your own new little one. I can’t believe you’ll be a g-ma!!

  8. This is the cutest baby sweater ever! I am jealous–my grandmother loved to sew, but I don’t have any of her notions!

  9. Congratulations to the new parents-to-be and the grandparents. Adorable sweater. You did a nice job.

  10. The sweater is beautiful – but wow! that last photo is the best!! congratulations to the parents … and to you and Dale – grandparenting is the BEST!

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