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A Month of Photos: October 2017 6/30

Let’s look back on October. It was a big month here in the world of Carole Knits and there are lots of photos of a certain new baby to document it!

It’s certainly a banner month for people photos – the highest amount ever for a photo mosaic! 15 of Jack plus 6 more people photos is definitely a new record. I will admit that I love documenting Jack’s growth, for those first photos in the special care nursery right up to his first Halloween. Throw in the assorted food and drink photos along with some outdoor stuff and flowers and it winds up being a pretty cool mosaic.

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  1. I can’t believe you didn’t get a baby related shot for each day. But the happy faces do fill almost every frame. Well done!

  2. This is a great Jack-tober collage! I also love that we see the beginning and finish of his Baby Balloon Pants. I hope that we get to see him modeling them sometime soon!

  3. Ditto what Bonny said. I need a photo of Jack in those balloon pants, Carole. These are great pictures!

  4. Having a baby around makes collecting photos easier-they don’t complain about the camera!

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