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Watercolor Wednesday

It’s a busy time at work – budgets are due and performance appraisals are due and state forms were turned in last week and and and …

My brain is tapped by the end of the day and that doesn’t leave much energy for blogging. 

So. Watercolor Wednesday to the rescue today.

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  1. I saw the original picture before this watercolor, and it was great. I also love how this watercolor leaves the leaves looking a bit like the colorful flames of a campfire at your toes. Both are great fall images.

  2. This is really lovely, Carole. I hope you have an efficient rest of the week! Do not take the time to write me back. You are too busy!

  3. I remember those days well… (and I’m most grateful they are now memories and not my current reality). Good luck getting through it – and remember FriYAY is just two days away. Glad you’re seeing such pretty colors!

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