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Gettysburg Trip 2017 14/30

How about some photos of a long weekend in Gettysburg? In the interest of time, captions will be brief.

Friday morning: Ready to take on the town!

Gorgeous apples at a beautiful farm stand.

And pumpkins, too. Not pictured is all the stunning pottery. A new mug may have made it’s way home with me.

A flight of beer from the Appalachian Brewing Company. Cool place, we probably should have stayed there to eat but we only had beer.

Our beautiful hotel, the Federal Pointe Inn.

We waited a loooooong time for a table at The Dobbin House Friday evening. I think the wax is a telling descriptor of how we felt by then.

Trying on hats at Dirty Billy’s on Saturday afternoon. We had a great time walking and shopping.

A well deserved martini. Let me say – the food on this trip did not thrill us. I’m sure it’s partly because we were spoiled by Charleston but Gettysburg is definitely not a foodie place.

The one great place we did eat, though, was Mason Dixon Distillery. Starting our Sunday with a hot buttered rum and a Bloody Mary was pretty sweet.

The shrimp and grits, while not as amazing as the ones from Husk, were still pretty awesome.

Touring the battlefield on Sunday afternoon. Yes, we both got new hats on this trip.

Sunday evening cheese plate from Garryowen.

We took a detour on Monday afternoon over to Pottsville to tour the mother ship of breweries: Yuengling. Very cool place with lots of history.

And that’s our trip in a nutshell. What’s new with you?

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  1. I think Gettysburg has some good food, but definitely not gourmet. Food (mainly burgers) at ABC isn’t bad, and pizza from Tommy’s is great. Chinatown Kitchen made really good cashew chicken, and Garryowen had great shepherd’s pie. Food 101 is small (so you have to get there early or be prepared for a long wait) and has a limited menu, but salads, sandwiches, and truffle fries are excellent. Ryan still misses the Lincoln Diner, especially because it’s open 24 hrs. I hope you can find something good next time (you just won’t find fancy food in Gettysburg).

  2. You have a high standard for restaurants as you’ve eaten in so many good places around the country. Hope Bonny’s suggestions pay off next time you go. Yuengling brewery had to make up for some of the food. 🙂

  3. Looks like a great weekend – at least from the perspective of beer and cocktails! Love the fall views and the new hats – I’d say your lipsense is a perfect match!

  4. I haven’t been, but it’s good to have your notes on the trip. There is so much I want to see along the east coast. Now that Andrew will be in Maryland maybe I’ll have a chance to do more visiting!

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