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Three Things On Thursday

Today I’m going to tell you 3 reasons why I’m happy that it’s May. Ready? Let’s do it.

  1. Hannah is getting her Master’s Degree in Special Education this month. The ceremony is 1 week from today and she’s having a graduation party the week after that. Normally I’d be all stressed out about an upcoming party but I’m not because . . . drumroll . . . it’s at HER house. Yep. All this mama has to do is take care of the cake (which really means pay for the cake since I have ordered it from my friend Caroline, baker extraordinaire) and make deviled eggs. How awesome is that!?!
  2. Convertible weather is here. I drove the Mustang with the top down on Tuesday and Wednesday and it was wonderful. Well, except for this issue where she kept stalling but I’m hoping to get that little kink worked out quickly because spring is convertible time, my friends.
  3. It’s outdoor living time! When the temperatures warm up and Dale and I can spend time on the deck and entertain out there it’s like having another room and we love it. We’ve got gardens to plant, too, and are coming up with some great ideas for improving our curb appeal thanks to help from Kym. I just love this time of year and it makes me happy, happy, happy to spend time outdoors.

Are you happy it’s May? I hope so!

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  1. I love May too! It is just so exciting to be back outdoors enjoying the blooming world, warm breezes, and bird choirs!

  2. Congratulations to Hannah! Such a great accomplishment and while working full time! Here’s to all the outdoor stuff! 🙂

  3. May sounds great! Big congratulations to Hannah and you will have a great time celebrating her achievement at a party you didn’t have to plan!

  4. I saw a car with the top down yesterday and just felt happy that nice weather is finally here! Congrats to Hannah on a wonderful accomplishment!

  5. Congrats to Hannah!

    I SO miss the t-top I used to drive back in the day. There’s nothing better than the sun and wind in your face. But this week, I’m happy to be encased in a solid, protective bubble. 🙂 A bird flying over dropped a snake on my windshield. That heart attack was bad enough! I can only imagine the panic if I didn’t have a roof over my head when it happened.

    Enjoy the warmth & the deck weather!

  6. It’s May, it’s May…the lovely month of May. However, we are in the 3rd day of,rain. Not,complaining, we needed the rain. However, the 52 degree high temp, not so much!

  7. How wonderful to have grown up children who take care of nearly everything. I have been working on our patio and I’m so thrilled the rain is gone and the week ahead looks warm and inviting! Yay! Spring! Can’t wait to see what you do to your yard!

  8. Those are three great things for May. Congratulations to your daughter – surely, she’s delighted and well deserved. Enjoy “toolin'” around with the top down.

  9. Congratulations to Hannah, that is quite an accomplishment! Convertible weather it is! Get that kink worked out. Good luck in your garden! I am so very glad it is May, and the weather has warmed up.

  10. what an AWESOME list!!! (early) Congrats to all for Hannah’s graduation … and three cheers for top down weather.

  11. Yay, convertible! Smokey said something really stoopid tonight about selling his, but I straightened him out right quick.

  12. Ah yes, top down weather. I think mine is down for a while unless it rains-even on the ride into work in the mornings. Am hoping I can convince the hubby to put up a roll up type screen so we can enjoy the balcony after work. It’s gets so hot between 2-6, some shade would be nice- WHEN will we be out of this apartment?!

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