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Three On Thursday

I’m really good at sharing my monthly photo mosaic with you all but when it comes to the monthly one second videos? I tend to forget. This may be my subconscious taking over because I just don’t think my video skills are all that great but still, if I’m going to the work and effort to take a daily video and then compile the 1.5 second clips I should share them with you.

And so . . . not surprisingly since it’s Thursday . . . I have three to show you today.

March 2018

April 2018

May 2018

Even when the videos are lame and the quality isn’t that great . . . it’s still a pretty fun way to look back over a month . . . or three. The fun of watching them is what keeps me engaged, at least.

If you wrote a post for this Thursday please share your link below. Thanks for playing along!

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  1. I think it’s an awesome way for our grandkids to be able to look back into a slice of our lives even when our skills aren’t perfect. <3

  2. I love making my 1-second-videos each month. It’s so much fun to watch the months roll by . . . quick as a flash.

  3. Thanks for sharing them all together, Carole – I love watching (and rewatching) these. They tell such a fun story, completely different from the ones I our photo mosaics do.

  4. I love those videos!! I’m getting much better at remembering to take a video everyday, too. It’s only taken a year. 😉

  5. The one thing better than a picture of Jackie is a video of Jackie. He is one personable little guy. The one second videos are fun to watch—thanks!

  6. One of these months, I will “finally” start snagging a video each day – I love the concept but have been lucky to get pics most days – definitely something to focus on. What fun snippets you have collected!

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