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Hello, August

It’s hard to believe that today is August 1st. As I lamented to Kat the other day, how come summer months go by so much quicker than winter months? Doesn’t is seem reasonable that the days should feel like they last longer since there’s so much more day light? But we all know it doesn’t work that way and here we are with just one full month of summer left.

Here’s what’s current in my world right now.

Drinking: Rosé. It’s the perfect summer wine and I even went so far as to buy a 25 oz S’well bottle because it will hold (and keep frosty cold) an entire bottle of rosé.

Reading: Those Who Save Us (for my free center square, I saved it for last) and Sailing Alone Around the Room for a collection of poetry square. My cover all is imminent!

Watching: Sharp Objects. We love it! It’s creepy and weird and the perfect summer show.

Picking: Grape tomatoes, zucchini, summer squash and cucumbers. Oh, and lots of basil and parsley. The cucumbers are kind of weird this year, they have curves and are skinny. And the summer squash skin has been super tough. I’ve read that adding manure could help with that. Dale’s on it.

Loving: Our new pergola. We’ve got lights now and have enjoyed a few meals out there. Last Friday when we got home from the wedding we actually had a night cap sitting at the table and it was magical. The mosquitoes are a little more fierce than they are up on the deck but we’re mostly managing to not get bitten.

Finding: Roadside flower stands. I love buying bouquets of zinnias and cosmos and more! So old fashioned and charming.

Listening to: The Avett Brothers. All the time! And for podcasts, The Daily.

Knitting: True Colors but I have made zero progress. And socks. Also zero progress.

Planning: Jackie’s one year birthday sweater! The top contender? Little Hipster Cardigan.

Buying: Pottery. Too much pottery. And stuff for outside like a heater and lights. And prezzies for Jackie. Always.

Anticipating: Our Cape Cod vacation! It signals the end of summer, which blows, but it’s still one of my favorite weeks of the year.

Happy August to all!


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  1. If you’re going to wind down summer, Cape Cod seems like a good last blast. Will having at least one blog reader green with envy help you enjoy it more? 😉

  2. Summer just zooms past every. single. year. But it’s marvelous while it lasts! 🙂
    (I hate how the mosquitos can really disrupt outside time after the sun goes down. . . )

  3. I share your sadness and am mourning the turn of the calendar this morning while I sip my coffee.

    I will share with you a mosquito tip that has worked quite well for us under our pergola – herbs! I have huge pots of basil, rosemary, sage, and thyme. We get a mosquito occasionally, but mostly it is a mosquito free zone and the aroma from the herbs in the summer breeze is utterly delicious! This is my 3rd summer of doing this with great success!

  4. I feel the same about my vacation…mid August but I love it so much! And a heater for outside…you are never going to look back. Best. Thing. Ever. (Mine is named Slim Shady :-))

  5. So many good things in this post Carole! I want to see pics of the pergola with lights…and Kat’s suggestion of herbs is a great one! Try it.

  6. I’m also cogitating about a classic baby cardigan for a due date late October. 6 month or 1 year size? Not sure. Design will be based on a Prince George sighting only with a New Englandy yoke.

  7. How about we all come visit and have a few drinks under your lovely pergola? I’ll bring some herbs like Kat recommends and we can have a grand time. Happy August!

  8. Yep, it’s hard to believe it’s August. I love Sharp Objects! Did you read the book? It is rare for me to say this, but I am enjoying the show more than the book. The cardigan is precious.

  9. I look forward to August’s cooler nights (they could be a no-show this year) and the golden light that starts to creep in around sunset (due to smoke from wildfires), but every day I mourn the waning light. Your pergola is wonderful! What a lovely place to spend time. I can see it lined with pots of herbs to keep away the critters!

  10. So much good stuff, Carole! I’ve especially enjoyed watching the pergola come to life – what a delightful place to celebrate summer! (and I’ve love to know about those lights – are they battery operated? I’m on the lookout for some to hang around the archways on our patio). Hipster is the perfect birthday sweater for Jack … but whoa, I can’t believe it’s time to be thinking about his first birthday!

  11. Those zinnias! Our weather has been so weird lately not sure if we’ll have an early fall or if summer will hand on until late September.

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