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Tuesday Randomness

There’s a bunch of stuff pinging around in my head right now – to do lists and work things and more. In other words, I’m feeling random! So, there’s not a real theme to this post, just a bunch of things that I want to tell ya.

  • I finished my reading challenge on Good Reads last Friday, reading 75 books for the year. I’ll obviously finish more before 2018 is over, I’m guessing it might top out around 80 but it’s hard to say. Last year my total was 78 books. I’ll be sharing more about what I’ve read lately in a future post.
  • I commented on Laurie’s blog the other day about the fridge jenga that occurs every time there’s a holiday. She said she’d never heard the expression before and I honestly can’t remember where I heard it first but I think it’s pretty spot on for what happens when you have to cram your fridge full of all the ingredients (and a giant turkey) for a holiday dinner. Pull out the wrong thing and it’s all going to come tumbling down!
  • We had Friendsgiving the other day at Sean’s house and it was wonderful. Sean did the majority of the cooking but I made this cranberry salsa and it was terrific. I’m definitely going to be making it again soon.
  • I usually cook a turkey on the Saturday after Thanksgiving but I don’t think that’s happening this year. We’ve had to adjust the plans for our Thanksmas gathering with our kids since some of them have to work on Saturday so we’re doing it on Friday and I’m going to emphasize the “mas” part of this holiday and have more Christmas foods like Swedish meatballs, deviled eggs, medwurst and ham.
  • It’s not too late to make your turkey gravy in advance. I generally do a mash up of these two versions and it’s a great thing to just have to reheat the gravy and not make it while the turkey is resting.
  • We bought an artificial Christmas tree last year and I’m so glad we made the switch. It’s pretty cool to think we can put up the tree any time we want. Maybe this weekend? It means putting away the fall and Christmas stuff, too, because I can’t have both holidays going at once!
  • Speaking of Christmas . . . I’m all in for Christmas music and I’m loving it. I’m using Spotify for new playlists but I have my favorites that I go to year after year, too. Plus the app Tinsel and Tunes and the stations on Sirius . . . there’s a lot of music to cover between now and December 25th.
  • It’s now been just over 2 weeks since Mason died and I am adjusting. I see him out of the corner of my eye a LOT and the other night I had a dream about him and he was fat and young and playing – and that’s how I think of him now.

What going on – random or otherwise – with you right now?

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  1. Your house looks so cozy, Carole! I have a lot of The Random happening in my brain right now, too. Must be the season. . .

  2. I like your randomness. I looked up Jenna and yeah that is my fridge. Mr E has been forbidden to put away food after shopping. I have<< to know where it all is. Or it all falls down and out!

  3. I was talking with my mom about T’giving over the weekend, and for the first time in my 56 years, she said, “I’m not going to make a turkey this year. No one likes it, so I’m not going to make it.” I swear the clouds parted, a ray of sunshine appeared, and I could hear a choir of angels singing! Guess who WON’T be gagging down turkey for two weeks after the holiday? She bought a spiral ham yesterday—it’s going to be like Christmas in November. Our stuffing will be cooked in a pan on the stove, but that is a small sacrifice I’m totally willing to make. YES!!!!!!! Bring on the pumpkin pie, baby!!!!!!

  4. Even now, several years later Hubby & I occasionally spot a dark shadow on the stairs and stop short thinking we’re about to step on one of our cats. It’s a jolt in the way it always was that we might step on them, but that’s quickly followed by some warm or silly memory of them. I think of it as the way they’re still with us. That and the cat hair that lingered for a year or more.

  5. Yup – I still think I see Maestro out of the corner of my eye occasionally…or coming across the back yard. Have you ever listened to/heard the Charlie Byrd Christmas album? Really good!

  6. We are not having turkey this year, and that really is sitting well with me! Instead on Thursday, I am making lamb chops! So, I say Swedish Meatballs FTW!

    And, I vote a big yes for getting up Christmas!! (and thanks for the link to Tinsel and Tunes!)

  7. I have finally decided that it shall be turkey soup for Thanksgiving! We usually do that with leftovers, but I like being more intentional about it. I haven’t begun listening to Christmas music yet, but when I do, Eric Clapton and Rodney Crowell both have new albums and they’re at the top of my listen-to list!

  8. Mason is letting you know it’s all good. xo And your mantle is giving me serious motivation to mix. it. up. this year. I’ll let you know how it goes!

  9. I’m glad you can think happy thoughts about Mason. That means you’re healing from the loss and remembering the good things. That cranberry relish looks so good! I make a cranberry dish that has the some of the same ingredients plus toasted pecans in jello that is alternated with a layer of cream cheese. It is divine, but I don’t make it unless we are going to have a big crowd; it makes a lot. I usually eat it until it makes my mouth sore! I had to look up what medwurst is, and I now feel deprived. I have been doing frig jenga for about a week. I had not heard that term, but it is a perfect description of the situation.

  10. Your house is a great combination of festive and cozy—love it. Naturally I couldn’t wait to mosey on over to the Cranberry Salsa recipe. It looks delicious! Definitely a recipe to try.

  11. Make-ahead gravy may save my sanity on Thanksgiving! I have gravy anxiety so this afternoon I am going to try roasting turkey wings, celery, etc. and make gravy. This is possibly the best thing to happen in my kitchen in a long time! Thank you!

  12. Tinsel and Tunes sounds like a great idea. Your mantle is so warm and inviting. I say celebrate in the way that makes you happy. Thanksgiving is about the people around the table – whatever day with whatever foods.

  13. I think maybe we bought the same artificial tree … and I am so glad all we have to do is carry it upstairs and plug it in! I asked Alexa to play Classical Christmas yesterday afternoon and it was a nice, low-key way to ease into the holiday music. I’m trying to resist full-on caroling until at least Friday. (It helps that I’m listening to Weight of Ink … in the car, on my walks, while I’m knitting ….)

  14. I made turkey gravy on Monday and cranberry sauce yesterday. I have root veggies to cut up today and a GF pie to make tomorrow (only the apple part). I think I can do this. I’m also winning at fridge jenga. Happy T-day, friend!!

  15. (Catching up on blogs, me.) Thank you for that make-ahead turkey gravy link! Gravy is nature’s most perfect food, imnsho; I don’t think I will wait for another turkey day to make it — especially since I haven’t roasted a turkey in years.

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