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Watercolor Wednesdays

Pumpkins! Photo by me, watercolor effect by Waterlogue.

Happy fall, y’all!

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  1. Such a perfect waterlogue-able photo! (After hitting 90 degrees here yesterday, I’m sort of wondering about this “fall” thing you speak of …)

  2. We have fall. Boy, do we have fall. The last two weeks have been blustery, chilly, rainy (snow on the peaks) and the leaves have just started to change. Time to plant bulbs and pansies. I’ll work on that after the rain stops tomorrow. We’ve had the heat on for two weeks!

  3. It is still warm here today, but is supposed to be 20 cooler tomorrow, so the pumpkin picture goes right along with my weather. I love the watercolor effect on the pumpkins. Happy Fall, Carole!

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