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Thursday Things

Hello and Happy Thursday! Today I’ve got 3 things that are connected because they all begin with the letter P.

  1. Pocketbook. Can someone please (another p) tell me how to keep my pocketbook from constantly sliding off my shoulder? Seriously. It slips and drives me crazy. I know I could wear it cross-body style and I do sometimes but for quick in and out of the car stuff that’s just not practical. This is my bag and I love it but it slips. Maybe I just have super sloped shoulders? I don’t know but if you’ve got a hack to make it stay on there I’d love to hear about it.
  2. Podcasts. I listen to podcasts every day and some of my favorites include Happier and Happier in Hollywood as well as The Daily and Up First. There’s a brand new one that I’m loving that I think you should check out. It’s called How To Be American and it’s recorded by the Tenement Museum – and you know how I love the Tenement Museum. It’s very enjoyable and has already given me a lot to think about. The only downside? The most recent episode was about pizza and now all I can think about is good New York style pizza and how I want some!
  3. Postcrossing. I signed up for this on Kym’s recommendation and it’s super fun. I’ve sent out 8 postcards so far and they’ve all arrived except for one that’s been on it’s way to Russia for 37 days now. Ahhhh, the irony, it burns, yes? I’ve received 4 so far and they’ve each been unique and exciting, coming from the Netherlands, Germany, Canada and Hong Kong. If you haven’t tried this yet I really recommend giving it a go.

And there you have it. Three Things That Begin with P.

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  1. I have the same bag! I noticed that the straps on this designer’s bag are made of a slippery material so they never stay put! Love their bags but don’t like this feature.

  2. Don’t you love Postcrossing?! My recent Russia postcard took 33 days…so, *hopefully* it will be any day now. (But your comment DID make me laugh. Well, sort of…laugh/cr, right?!) Thanks for hosting the link-up!

  3. I hope someone comes up with a solution to the pocketbook strap slippage, because I have the same problem. My bag has two straps so it’s less troublesome than it might be since usually only one strap falls off my shoulder. However, I have had the same problem with single-strap bags in the past and none of them seem to have terribly slippery straps. Maybe I have “super-sloping-shoulder-syndrome” too.

  4. The irony of a shoulder bag is that it’s designed to be a man purse. Mostly guys have shoulders the right shape to avoid that slippage. I tend to not have that issue, but my shoulders were shaped by years of swimming as a youth. So take up swimming? Or let Dale carry your purse.

  5. OOO! I think I might have the cure for the slipping shoulder bag! I had the same problem for a LONG time, and then I found a bag that had a little leather/suede piece around the strap. It is the perfect thing! No more slipping – at all! (Added benefit – when I wear the bag cross body, the strap does not dig into my neck!)

  6. I had the same problem with shoulder straps. Strap Gummy, purchased on Amazon, solved the problem. They come in various sizes and work on all straps.

  7. I got nothin’ on the shoulder strap as I only carry a wristlet (seems that’s not a word) out and about. I’ve been doing Postcrossing also. I’ve sent three and have received none! My Russia card is currently undelivered on day 27. 🙂

  8. Every bag I’ve ever had slips off my shoulders. I think it must just be the slope of my shoulder (often compounded by the fabric of what I’m wearing), because I’ve never found a solution other than wearing a bag across my body.

  9. No solution for the strap issue! I, too, signed up for Postcrossing. So far I have sent 3 and received 1. My card to Russia finally arrived the other day (30-some days to get there).

  10. That’s a nice handbag, but I can’t help you with the shoulder thing…if you find a solution be sure to let me know! I love postcrossing and hope you enjoy it too. My cards to & from Russia usually take over 30 days, so I’m hopeful yours will arrive.

  11. I almost always wear my bags “cross-body” because I CANNOT get the darn things to stay on my shoulder. It’s especially bad, I think, in the winter because coats. Annoying. Very very annoying.

    RE: Postcrossing. In my experience (nearly 325 postcards sent/received), my cards to Russia and/or any of the countries in the Russian Federation take anywhere from 20+ – 60+ days to arrive, and they are often lost forever. (If they go beyond 60 days, Postcrossing considers them “expired” and allows you to send to another address.) MANY of the cards I’ve sent to Russia have “expired.” It also takes a long time for cards to get to China, the Phillippines, Indonesia, and . . . Mexico, apparently. (I’ve sent three cards to Mexico. NONE of them have ever been received.) It’s hard to wait. . . but lots of fun, non?

  12. I have the same issue with shoulder bags but I’ve found putting the strap up very close to my neck helps. Also, if I’m wearing something light weight and the purse strap is thin, the strap will rest in my bra strap dent. Not a good look or particularly comfortable but…

    I haven’t taken a look at Postcross but it sounds like something we did back in the kids’ early homeschooling days. We joined a group and sent post cards all over the world. It was a lot of fun. We did Flat Stanley too which was even more fun although it could get expensive because we liked to send the visiting Stanleys home with lots of souvenirs.

  13. Okay, we are all waiting for the magic handbag that never leaves the shoulder except when asked.

  14. I, too, have the bag slippage problem, but I am going to look at that bag thing on Amazon and see what it is. I was going to suggest placing something that is not so slippery underneath the strap. I have a baggalini as well, and it has the most slippery straps of any bag I have ever carried, so it compounds the problem, but I love my bag. My DIL is Russian, and she says the Russian mail is highly corrupt and highly unreliable. I wanted to send her family something in the mail, and she told me that it would be stolen if it was anything of any value. Bummer!

  15. Thank you for the podcast recommendation – looks like a great program! Marc and I are planning a visit to NYC this summer and I’m sure pizza will be on our itinerary!

  16. I agree with Kym, winter coats are the worst. My bag is very similar to yours and I wear it crossbody as it’s the ONLY way I’ve found to keep it in place. I am a Postcrossing addict (over 1800 and counting). Russia, China are some of the slowest, but I’ve had cards to Germany disappear so you never know. I do know it’s a very rewarding hobby.

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