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Three On Thursday

Kym always says that flowers are magical and I couldn’t agree more. I mean, I mostly agree with everything Kym says anyway (do you read her blog? she’s so wise and wonderful), but on this one she is right times a million. Today I have 3 flower photos to show you and, with another nod to Kym, it’s all because of her. Well. Her and White Flower Farm.

I took this one on Monday after work:

I took this one on Tuesday after work:

And I took this one on Wednesday after work:

That’s Amaryllis Alfresco or, as I lovingly call her, Ally. Kym, along with some other enablers (I’m looking at YOU, Bonny) convinced me to buy three amaryllis bulbs from White Flower Farm. They were a bit more expensive than the ones at my grocery store but I knew, based on photos I’ve seen, that they would be worth it.

I also knew that I sort of kind of didn’t want them to bloom until after Christmas. There’s a lot going on in my house at Christmas when it comes to . . . stuff. There are twinkle lights and Swedish horses and lots of and lots of greenery. I felt like I wanted my amaryllis to really shine on their own and not be pushed to the side but all that’s Christmas here. So, on Kym’s advice, I left the box of amaryllis in my mudroom.

My thought was to have them bloom around Valentine’s Day. All the glamour and beauty of Christmas is long gone and some pretty blossoms would be super welcome. I think I finally brought them in around mid January.

I may have left them there too long.

I mean, obviously I did because they didn’t bloom by mid February. You know what, though? I’m good with it.

For one thing, I think we all know that amaryllis bloom on their schedule, not ours.

And for another, flowers right now? On the 21st anniversary of my mom’s death? The timing couldn’t be better.

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  1. You have the best ideas. Now I am wishing I had saved one of my amaryllis for spring. Or maybe for the depths of February when it seems like spring is not coming. That white is incredible! Next year…

  2. First, you’re kind of making me blush here.
    Second, ohmygod how absolutely GORGEOUS is that bloom! (That center. SWOON.)
    Third, flowers really ARE magical.

  3. What a beautiful bloom! Clearly this plant knew what it was doing if it bloomed right as you’re remembering your mother.

  4. Ally is stunning! That pure white! Oh my, I love it. My last amaryllis is blooming right now, too. I’m sorry to see their show end, but the pansies, crocus and jonquils are starting to show off so it’s a happy time anyway. Kym is one smart cookie!

  5. Oh, how beautiful your Ally is, and it’s great that it does not look like a holiday flower. I hope the beauty of it reminds you of all the beauty your mom brought into your life and continues to bring into your life every day when you think of her.

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