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Watercolor Wednesday

It’s a week of meetings, my friends. One on Monday, three on Tuesday, two on Wednesday. You know what that means? Y’all get a watercolor photo today.

I’m trying for the serenity of garden buddha as I move through this week!

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  1. Gah! Meeting overload is simply no fun! Sending you all the serenity vibes! (oh and FriYAY is right around the corner! XOXO)

  2. Maybe you need a small Buddha to carry with you to meetings? Placed in the center of the table, he might remind people to be succinct and to the point. Or maybe you just need fewer meetings!

  3. Breathe deep . . . and make sure you have time to walk around in your garden this week. (It helps combat the effect of too much sitting in meetings.) XO

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